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Oct. 29, 2011

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COLLEGE PARK, Md. - Postgame quotes following Maryland's 28-17 loss to Boston College.

Head Coach Randy Edsall

Opening statement:
"Obviously that didn't turn out the way we wanted today. We will make sure we watch the film and see where we can get better. We will get back to work tomorrow and improve and correct the mistakes we had today."

On the quarterback change:
"We had a plan going into the game that we were going to play them both. We were just following our plan. We will evaluate the film and make a decision as to who can best help us beat Virginia."

On his responsibility:
"Ultimately I am the guy who is responsible. I am going to continue to evaluate after every practice and every game what I see on film. My coaches and I are going to do everything possible to put our guys in the best position to win. Ultimately I am the guy in charge. I put more pressure on myself than anybody. We are going to keep working and getting better so we can go out there and put up wins."

On D.J. Adams:
"Every week in practice we evaluate the play. This week we saw some things and decided to put him (D.J. Adams) back in there, especially in the short yardage and goal-line situations. We are always trying to evaluate our guys and put them in the best possible positions to win."

On the team morale:
"I know that this team will go out and work hard this week. They will give everything they have in practice. We don't have any margin of error anymore. This team will learn from their mistakes and go back out there and work to get better. They are going to give full effort in everything that they do."

On the team's shortcomings:
""I don't think that we tackled well today. I will have to watch the film but that stood out to me. I don't think that we caught the ball well. We had too many drops. Those are all things that we can work on and get better at."

On Adrian Coxson:
"He took advantage of his opportunity today. We had Kerry Boykins who has been out, and Marcus Leak stepped in. We put Adrian (Coxson) in there because of production. He made some plays and we will look at the film and see just how well he did.

"He is a bigger wide receiver. He is a young man that this is his first year. I want to see him get more confidence in himself. I think sometimes he lacks confidence in himself. It was good to see him make some plays today, hopefully that will help his confidence going forward. He is a big guy and he can block on the perimeter. He can use his body to shield defenders and go inside and make some catches."

On his frustration:
"I am going to look at the film tonight and try to figure out the best way that I can help these young men get some wins. I want to reward them for the hard work they are putting in. Right now they are working but they don't have a whole lot to show for it. The bottom line is wins and losses.

"I am not going to get frustrated because I don't want the young men to be frustrated. I am going to let them know the things we can do as a team, if we do those things we will be okay. The frustration I have is figuring out what word I can use to help some of these things turn around. That is what I am searching for. How can I deliver the message to help them get better at executing the things we need to execute?"

Junior Defensive Back Eric Franklin

On having no margin of error:
"Our back is against the wall and we have to step up. If we don't, then we aren't going to make it to a bowl game."

On having a 2-6 record:
"Of course the season isn't going the way we wanted it to go, but we are in this situation because of ourselves, so when you get yourself in a hole you have to fight your way out of it."

Junior Offensive Lineman Bennett Fulper

On the team's morale:
"Of course everyone is disappointed with the loss today. Getting a win would definitely help that."

On having a 2-6 record:
"It was definitely not what I was expecting coming into the season, but we can't change it now. All we can do is just move forward from here."

On future offensive improvements:
"We need to improve the little things. We are right there. If everyone executes and has better ball security then we will be able to excel as an offense."

Senior Running Back Davin Meggett

On success running the ball:
"The offensive line did a great job. During the week we talked a lot about doing your job, handling your responsibilities and keeping your blocks. The o-line did a very good job. The receivers did a beautiful job blocking down the field. I got blocks from [Marcus] Leak, [Adrian] Coxson [Kerry] Boykins downfield. Those yards aren't my yards, they are the offensive line's yards and the receiver's yards downfield. So, any big run is usually because they did their job and I just ran where I was supposed to."

On playing in the tough weather conditions:
"We executed pretty well. We made a few mistakes that ended up costing us, but the weather didn't really affect us that much I didn't think."

Junior Linebacker Darin Drakeford

On the team's morale:
"The captains have done a good job keeping the team together, especially Joe Vellano and Davin Meggett, since they are the ones around with Kenny Tate and Andrew Gonnella hurt."

On having a 2-6 record:
"It was never in my mind and never in the team's mind."

On what happens next:
"We have to play to win. Everyone has to come to ready to work every day, and practice hard, study film, until we're a better team... Make sure we don't lose another game or our bowl hopes are only a dream."

Sophomore Quarterback Danny O'Brien

On sharing time with quarterback C.J. Brown:
"That's what Coach [Edsall] wants and that's what we're going to do. C.J. [Brown] and I have never been guys to use that as an excuse. We both realize that we have both played in big games and we can both lead this team to victory. When [C.J. Brown] is in, I am his biggest fan and I'm his eyes on the sideline, and vice versa. So, we really don't think too much about how it is affecting us. It's just about going in there and doing what both of us are capable of doing."

On turning the season around:
"All we can do is get ready for Virginia. We realize that our backs are kind of against the wall now in terms going to a bowl game. You can't win four [games] before you win one, so we've got to beat Virginia this week. They're a very good opponent. I watched them on TV this week and they're definitely going to be pretty good. We can't feel sorry for ourselves at all. We have a lot of talent on this team and it's just a matter of going out and playing."

On the adverse weather conditions:
"[The conditions] made it tougher. When that ball is all muddy and sandy, it's really hard to both throw and catch and I think that affected us a little bit. But [Boston College] was playing in the same elements that we were, so we're not going to hang the loss on that."

Junior Defensive Lineman Joe Vellano

On Boston College's effectiveness running the ball:
"[Boston College] was really big up front. They ran a couple of good plays and they ran them well. I think we hung in there. They jumped on us in the beginning and then we kind of stopped them and our defense stepped up. It's just another thing of starting slow. I thought we picked it up and we got some turnovers which were huge, but didn't capitalize on them."

On the losing streak:
"The losing streak is tough. A lot of guys are out with injuries and we've got a lot of new guys playing. We've just got to look at ourselves in the mirror, there's no secret. We have nobody to blame. We just need to hang tough, play tough and just be all around tougher."

On moving forward:
"You've just got to keep playing, there's no reason not to. We get to play Notre Dame in a big stadium and Virginia is a huge rivalry. We've just got to continue to keep plugging away. There's no reason to stop now. I think we've just got to get tougher, really."

Boston College Head Coach Frank Spaziani

Opening Statement:
"Obviously, we are very excited about the win. The kids put a great effort into it. The conditions were horrific, but we found a way to win the game. Kudos to us, we now move onto the next game."

On the game plan:
"We want to run the ball all the time. But tonight's conditions dictated a lot of what we were and weren't able to do. We did have success; we had some passes caught and some runs completed."

On Rolandan Finch's play:
"We know Deuce [Finch] is a very good [running] back and he hasn't had the opportunities. He's had a lot of injuries and things that have set his career back. Now he is healthy and in the rotation. He did drop the ball twice which held us back. Kudos to him, we didn't know he was going to rush this many yards but we did know that he was capable of doing so."

On the team's first ACC win of the season:
"A win is a win, whether or not it is an ACC win. It's a nice breath of air for us, it is certainly nice to get it. The kids have been working hard and we are making progress. After a while, you have to have success. There's only so much you can do pushing them forward."

On changing the momentum in the game:
"That was a great change in momentum. Especially in these conditions, it is nice to pull ahead and get on the board. It gives you a little different playing attitude. You saw what it was like, it got tough out there."

On trips to the red zone:
"We did some nice things over there in the red zone. The conditions are what they are and we play to the conditions of the game. The kids made some stops in those deep red zone plays. But, later on they were young and soft at times."

On the team's preparations in poor weather conditions:
"We practice in a lot of bad conditions. We're on grass and we practice in this. We do it, we execute it and we play well. Our guys have to know that we've done it in practice and have executed it; it should be translated into the game. Heat, rain, cold, snow, it's all a mindset. If you have the right mindset you can be successful."

BC Sophomore Running Back Rolandan Finch

On the weather:
"It was really slick, but I tried to keep it downhill most of the game and just hit stuff straight ahead."

On his performance:
"I think it was a good performance, the offensive line did a great job, a lot of credit goes to them. They were working hard up front. I'm just happy we could come out and get the win today."

On the gameplan being ball control and time of possession:
"In sloppy weather it's hard to get the big hitters, so that's what we had to do. We put the emphasis on moving the chains, as we move the chains, the scores will come."

On what his teammates were saying on the sidelines:
"They just told me keep running. I didn't realize I had that many yards. Through the fumbles, they kept my head up. We came out and did a good job today."

BC Sophomore Quarterback Chase Rettig

On throwing the ball in the bad weather:
"It's something in the back of your head. You throw it if they're open, but if it's close, it's better to either get a run back to the line of scrimmage or just throw the ball away."