North Carolina Edges Maryland, 16-13

Nov. 4, 2007

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Postgame Quotes

Maryland Head Coach Ralph Friedgen

Opening Statement:
"Well, I don¹t know what I can say. It seems like a broken record to me. I think our kids played very courageously tonight, but we made a lot of mistakes, mistakes that kill drives. I've got to look at myself because when that's happening, we're not prepared like we need to be prepared. I didn't see that all week. I thought we practiced well all week. Guys were lining up in the backfield, we had poor communication on plays, calling wrong plays, wrong formations. We had some kids, like Bruce Campbell who wasn't even supposed to play today, and he probably played half the game. Scott Burley hurt his other ankle and came backed and played, and Henderson hurt his back and he came back and played. Drew Robinson, I think hurt his knee. He's probably got a serious knee injury, I don't know to what extent yet. I knew Carolina plays well at home. I knew this would be a tough game, and that's probably why our kids came back. They hung in there and fought. We just couldn't get the last two yards we needed to get a first down."

On the outlook for the rest of the season:
"I told our team that I think we're gonna have to win. If we're lucky, win two out of three to get to a bowl. More likely, we probably have to win three out of three. A win today would have made a lot of teams at 5 and 4 and anything could have worked out. The best thing to do is not worry about the rest of the season. Let's just worry about the next game and do our best to prepare for it and see what happens. We win that game, then we'll do the same thing for the next game and the following game. If we're fortunate enough to win those, then it will all take care of itself. It's difficult because I think the kids and the coaches put a lot into this, and not to see the fruits of your labor, we've had some very difficult losses this year that probably could have changed our season around, and this is another one that hurts quite a bit."

North Carolina Head Coach Butch Davis

Opening Statement:
"Obviously it's great to win the game. I told the team in the locker room one of the things that I was very proud of was our perseverance. It's been a tough last two or three weeks. When you play a lot of close games and you try to find a lot of ways to win then play poorly against Wake Forest ­ it would have been very easy for this football team to lose their enthusiasm. Maybe start to point fingers, start to doubt. When you go through adversity it shows an awful lot and tells an awful about the character of the team. I'm very appreciative of the effort that they put forth this week because it's not always easy to go out there Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and grind and be enthusiastic about it. Certainly the story of the day had to be defense.

"This is maybe the best defensive performance certainly that we've had from a standpoint of a lot of guys on defense really contributed. It certainly started with the defensive front four and all the guys that played on the defensive line. Almost every single possession somebody on the defensive line came up with a big play. Kentwan Balmer's tackle behind the line of scrimmage, an Aleric Mullins sack, Hilee Taylor pressuring the quarterback, Greg Elleby down on the goal line. That was a big, big play. When the other team¹s got the ball at your 5-yard line, a four or five yard loss is a huge play because it puts them off track and it puts them in a position where they have to settle for a field goal. I thought our secondary did a good job. Trimane¹s interception, Deunta Williams had a chance to get an interception. We made some breaks on the ball. There were times when there were some collisions right at the throw and we had a chance to knock some balls down.

"It looked like early we had a lot of success running the ball, I think that we had close to 70 yards rushing in the first quarter. We didn't adjust as well as they did. They started blitzing, they started slanting the line, they changed their defensive alignment almost every other play. We didn't do as good of a job as we needed to do picking that stuff up."

On Maryland's last play:
"We really kind of turned those guys (defensive line) loose and allowed them the freedom to just go ahead and rush. It had more to do with the coverage aspect, we took away a lot of the short, intermediate (passes) because it was fourth and two and we made them hold the ball, hold the ball. He looked to the sidelines, I think he thought maybe he had the receiver right on the boundary but with the pressure he put a little air under the ball and fortunately for us it went over the receiver's head."