Postgame Quotes - Maryland vs. West Virginia

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Sept. 20, 2003

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Maryland Head Coach Ralph Friedgen

Opening Statement

"The game was pretty good. We played well. We played a very hard and physical game. I knew it would be that way. I knew that West Virginia would come down and give us a physical game. All sides of the ball played good. I thought our defense was suffocating. I thought they tackled well. Coach Rodriguez had a good game plan. They (West Virginia) was upset that we substituted but I wanted to let the kids learn. I wanted a shut out too but I wanted to keep people healthy."

(On Scott McBrien)

"I think he's getting better. I talked to Scott yesterday and I told him that he's playing so much better in practice, now he's got to take that to the game. I thought he made some plays tonight, how about him running? He made a couple of good plays running. I hope we're getting him going. It would help if we can get the running game, the throwing game, and the play action game going. If we get it all together, I think we've got a chance to be a very good football team."

(On today being a change in momentu)

"I told our team last night that it's like playing in the World Series. We're down one and three, and we need to take it up and get some momentum. I'm hoping that's the case, that we can get some confidence. We come out, play one game at a time and see if we can duplicate what we did last year. I know we're capable of doing that. "

(About this win)

"[Wins like this] tell me that we're a little better than we were two weeks ago. I think they're finally coming out of their shells. I'm hoping this will give us momentum. We have work to do on Monday. We have to get ready to play Eastern Michigan. We're not going to look further than each day."

(On the Terp Defense)

"We played well, but we played good last week too. I think our defense played good at Florida State, they were just on the field too much. The only time I thought they didn't play good was the 18 play drive against Northern Illinois. Other than that, I think our defense has played really well this season."


Maryland QB Scott McBrien

(On the team's performance)

"It was a great game for us, a big momentum game. It was a 'must-win' like coach said before and I'm proud of our offense, our defense-our whole team. We came to play today and we played Maryland football. It's a big game because it will give us momentum for the rest of the year."

(On defeating his former team for the second consecutive year)

"Last year, it was a breakout game for us and this year it turned out to be the same way. It was definitely a hard-fought game. The first half was close-we just wanted to build on the momentum we had (from the Citadel game). We wanted to come out in the second half, and treat it like it was a scoreless game and keep fighting. This was definitely a big game for us."


Maryland TB Bruce Perry

On the impact of OG Lamar Bryant's return)

"I was glad to have Lamar back-he did his job. The entire line gave us good blocking up front. He brings leadership, intensity and enthusiasm to the huddle and we missed that the past few weeks. It was great to have him back."


Maryland DT Randy Starks

(On the defense limiting WVU to 156 total yards)

"Our plan was to stop them on first and second downs to set them up with third and long situations. We wanted to come after them all day long and I thought we did a pretty good job, so that really helped us today."


West Virginia Head Coach Rich Rodriguez

(On the outcome)

"Our offense didn't get anything going. Defense didn't do anything. It was total domination. I didn't think our guys quit, we just didn't execute on offense or defense. When you do that against a good team in a tough environment, you are going to get beat badly and that's what happened."

(On the WVU slow start)

"[Our guys] didn't seem confused. We had a good week of practice and we seemed focused in pre-game. I'll have to see the film to see the mistakes that happened."

(On the WVU offense)

"We saw some things in the option game that we thought could get going. We weren't able to get them going though. When you get the ball only a handful of possessions, you better do something to give your defense a break and we didn't do that at all on offense. [Maryland] controlled the game completely."

(On the play of QB Rasheed Marshall)

"We wanted to establish some options and get him to run around a little to get into a rhythm. We wanted to get some confidence going. It didn't happen and he never got any confidence."


West Virginia running back Kay-Jay Harris

(On Quincy Wilson's abilities)

I trust Quincy and what he sees because he's the one that is out there. He runs the ball hard-every time he's out on the field, I try to learn from him.

(On the rest of the season)

Everything will come together. There are a lot of people that have turned their backs on us, but when we turn it back around, they'll jump right back on our bandwagon.


West Virginia quarterback Rasheed Marshall

(On what this game means)

We could've executed a little better, but it was just one of those days. At this point now, we just need to try and win-go out every day and play to win.

(On Maryland's readiness)

Maryland did a good job preparing for us and you can't take anything away from them. They did a great job up front with their defensive line.

(On thoughts in the first quarter)

In the first quarter, when Maryland had the ball and was driving, we were just thinking that we needed to get something going and get our defense off the field. When we did get out there, we just couldn't muster up anything.