Postgame Quotes - #4 Maryland 9, #8 Virginia 6

Maryland Athletics
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COLLEGE PARK, Md. - Postgame quotes following Maryland's 9-6 win over No. 8 Virginia.

Maryland Head Coach John Tillman
On the game:
“Obviously, I’m very proud of the guys for just really grinding out a win against a good Virginia team; very talented, well-coached team. Really proud of the way they responded at halftime, excellent job with Charlie Raffa at the faceoff and at the wings. The guys really hung in there. Especially with the guys that spoke to us the last couple days, some of the guys from the Wounded Warrior program, I thought the guys showed a lot of heart, picked up a lot of tough ground balls. They were very selfless and on a really not-so-great weather day the guys found a way.”


On what he told the team at halftime:
“We just talked about a number of things. First, Charlie [Raffa] being more patient. Defensively, Coach Conry did a great job with the game plan this week. I really feel like a couple of those shots Niko [Amato] typically has. They have great shooters, but we really don’t have a defense to take away 15-yard shots, we have to give up something. A few of those typically Niko gets, give credit to Virginia, but normally a few of those he gets, but he got better as the game went on. Offensively, we just possessed it a little more. We were more patient. We executed better. I would have loved to tell you that we came up with some radical thing, we just felt like we played better. We got more ground balls; Charlie did a better job. And, we just shot the ball better in the second half.”

On the rivalry with Virginia
“I think the big thing for us is that we have great respect for Virginia. We have great respect for the tradition of this rivalry. We hope it continues; we hope it’s something they want to do. We are certainly open to it. If that is something they choose they don’t want to do there’s not much I can control, but we would like to continue to play them. I have a lot of respect for Coach Starsia, but regardless we’re going to control what we can control and play who we can play.”

Sophomore Midfielder Henry West
On his performance:
“I don’t think you ever expect to get a hat trick or five points, but we just really focused on us and played offense like we were taught to by Coach Moran and Coach Tillman. Guys just found me in open spots and I was able to put shots on good spots and they went in. And, when I passed the ball the guys were able to finish with good shots, so just a function of the guys around me and the coaches doing a good job.”

Sophomore Defender Matt Dunn
On the defensive adjustments made in the second half:
“We knew they had a lot of talented players and a lot of big-time outside shooters and we were just a little slow. We were going to slide to them, but we were a little slow in our recoveries at first and then we just sped it up, got with our game plan. Everyone played with a little extra pep in their step. We got out to their shooters; I think Niko [Amato] was seeing the ball and making big stops so just everyone playing a little faster and we got in more of a rhythm and the offensive long possessions gave us a good rest on defense so we had more energy when the ball came down to make those stops.”

Virginia Head Coach Dom Starsia:
On only having 10 possessions in the second half:
“It was a combination of small things. It was not just the faceoffs. I think the statistic didn’t seem to reflect it. I thought we had a couple of failed clears and we got beat to the groundballs. I thought we were competitive at the faceoff X, because it was always a scrap. I never thought it was as one-sided as the stats showed. So I thought we were on the hunt in the faceoff part of the game. Generally, Maryland beat us on the ground in the second half and that was the difference. So it was that and the fact that we weren’t winning faceoffs easily. We had a few chances to extend our lead, but their goalie made some great saves. So I don’t think it was any one thing. I just think it was a bunch of little things. I thought Maryland upped the ante in the second half.”

On the defensive progress shown by Virginia:
I think it’s taken us a while to get going defensively. We’re starting to play now on the defensive end of the field the way that we were always going to play. We were just sluggish during the beginning of the year and we got a little better defensively and we’re playing at that end of the field. I give Maryland credit. They are getting alot of mileage from not a lot of guys. They keep coming back to those guys and they keep doing a nice job for them.”