Postgame Quotes - #1 Maryland 12, Villanova 10

Maryland Athletics
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COLLEGE PARK, Md. – Postgame quotes following No. 1 Maryland’s 12-10 win over Villanova.

Maryland Head Coach John Tillman

Opening Statement:
“I’m happy to get a win against a really good team. Regardless of the record, we knew how good Villanova was and they are starting to get back to full strength. It’s a very talented team and I’m really proud of our guys. The way the game finished wasn’t the way that we wanted. There are some things that we need to do better, but I thought that our performance was excellent all night. Our guys played their butts off defensively. There were a few breakdowns, but for a majority of that game we slid and recovered pretty well. When we had some breakdowns, Niko [Amato] bailed us out. I was really proud of some of our young guys. [Matt] Rambo and Connor [Cannizzaro] had great games. When you get half of your goals from freshmen, you’re excited about that. I think that game was won by a lot of the effort in the middle of the field. Our center and wing guys did a nice job. We’re excited to move forward. There is a lot we can get better at, but to be 6-0 right now and that’s something that is not lost on us.”

On Villanova playing well tonight:
“I think they had some opportunities and we had some breakdowns. They are a slick enough team to take advantage of those. We had some very quick possessions on offense and when you give that type of team that many possessions, they are going to put stress on you. That is a team that even during halftime we knew was going to make a run. They only had two [goals] in the first half, but they certainly had some opportunities.”

On concern about how teams keep on coming back against Maryland:
“We’ll always break down the game and take a look at it. We’ll see where we can improve and do better. It certainly is better to be ahead and try to maintain that lead, rather than just trying to come back. We have some teachable moments and at times when we need to do better. However, that is part of early-season lacrosse and hopefully we can learn from that. When we’re in the same situation later, I know our guys will make really good decisions.” 

Senior long pole Michael Ehrhardt

On how Villanova played in second half:
“Villanova just gave us a lot of fits in the beginning of the game. Even though they didn’t put them in [in the first half], they took care of their opportunities in the second half and did a good job. They took a lot of movement and played offense really well. We had a few breakdowns, but overall Niko [Amato] bailed us out and our defense came together to hold a win.