All-Time MLL Draft Selections

Maryland Athletics
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The Maryland men's lacrosse program has had 46 players selected in the Major League Lacrosse draft since the inaugural 2001 season.

Terps in the MLL Draft - By the Numbers:

- Goalies drafted: 5 (Highest: Kyle Bernlohr, 11th overall - 2016)

- Defenders drafted: 14 (Highest: Jesse Bernhardt, 4th overall - 2013)

- Midfielders drafted: 21 (Highest: Bill McGlone, 5th overall - 2006)

- Attackmen drafted: 5 (Highest: Joe Walters, 1st overall - 2006)

- Faceoff Specialists drafted: 1 (Charlie Raffa, 24th overall - 2015)

All-Time Draft Selections
2001 Chris Malone M New Jersey 1st Round 11th overall
  Pat McGinnis G Bridgeport 3rd Round 18th overall
2002 Nate Watkins M Rochester 4th Round 23rd overall
2003 Michael Howley D Rochester 2nd Round 8th overall
  Mike Mollot M Rochester 3rd Round 14th overall
  Ryan Moran M Baltimore 3rd Round 18th overall
2004 Lee Zink D Baltimore 1st Round 5th overall
  Chris Passavia D Boston 1st Round 6th overall
2006 Joe Walters A Rochester 1st Round 1st overall
  Bill McGlone M Baltimore 1st Round 5th overall
  Brendan Healy M Baltimore 2nd Round 13th overall
  Xander Ritz A Philadelphia 3rd Round 27th overall
2007 Ray Megill D Boston 1st Round 9th overall
  Steve Whittenberg D Chicago 2nd Round 15th overall
  Harry Alford G Chicago 5th Round 45th overall
  Jim Borell M Los Angeles 5th Round 46th overall
2008 Joe Cinosky D New Jersey 1st Round 9th overall
2009 Jeff Reynolds M Washington 3rd Round 23rd overall
  Dan Groot M Washington 3rd Round 26th overall
2010 Brian Phipps G Chesapeake 4th Round 23rd overall
2011 Brian Farrell D Boston 2nd Round 12th overall
  Brett Schmidt D Denver 3rd Round 15th overall
  Dan Burns M Hamilton 4th Round 19th overall
  Grant Catalino A Denver 4th Round 21st overall
  Ryan Young A Long Island 4th Round 23rd overall
2012 Jake Bernhardt M Hamilton 2nd Round 12th overall
  Joe Cummings M Rochester 3rd Round 17th overall
  Drew Snider M Chesapeake 6th Round 45th overall
2013 Jesse Bernhardt D Chesapeake 1st Round 4th overall
  John Haus M Hamilton 2nd Round 15th overall
  Kevin Cooper M Chesapeake 2nd Round 16th overall
  Landon Carr M Denver 3rd Round 17th overall
  Owen Blye A Charlotte 3rd Round 24th overall
2014 Michael Ehrhardt D Charlotte 1st Round 7th overall
  Mike Chanenchuk M Charlotte 2nd Round 11th overall
  Niko Amato G Florida 4th Round 29th overall
  Brian Cooper D Chesapeake 8th Round 64th overall
2015 Joe LoCascio M Florida 3rd Round 17th overall
  Charlie Raffa FO Chesapeake 4th Round 24th overall
  Casey Ikeda D Florida 8th Round 54th overall
2016 Matt Dunn D Rochester 1st Round 7th overall
  Kyle Bernlohr G Ohio 2nd Round 11th overall
  Henry West M Florida 2nd Round 12th overall
  Pat Young M Charlotte 2nd Round 13th overall
  Bryan Cole M Ohio 2nd Round 16th overall
  Greg Danseglio D Atlanta 3rd Round 19th overall

Chesapeake Bayhawks
Dan Burns  2013-
Andrew Combs 2003-04 , 07-10
Casey Connor 2003-10
Joe Cinosky 2010-11
Joe Cummings 2012
Kip Fulks  2001-05
Paul Gillette 2006
Dan Groot  2009
Brendan Healy 2006-08
Ian Healey  2008
Dave Lachapelle  2001
Frank Luciano 2006-07 
Bill McGlone 2006-08 
Ray Megill 2010-11
Ryan Moran 2003 
Brian Phipps 2011
Brian Reese 2001-04 
Jeff Reynolds 2009- 
Andrew Schwartzman  2006
Jeremy Sieverts 2010 
Lee Zink  2004-05 

Boston Cannons
Todd Evans  2001-02
Brian Farrell 2011-
Chris Feifs  2008-09
Paul Gillette 2005, 07 
Bill McGlone 2012
Ray Megill  2007-09
Chris Passavia 2004-11
Dan Radebaug 2001-03

Charlotte Hounds
Joe Cinosky 2012-
Scott LaRue 2012-
Brett Schmidt 2012
Ryan Young 2013-

Chicago Machine
Harry Alford  2007 
Bill McGlone 2009-10
Steve Whittenberg  2007-12

Denver Outlaws
Harry Alford 2008
Will Dalton 2010
Dan Groot 2010 
Mike LaMonica 2006 
Bill McGlone 2011
Max Ritz  2008
Brett Schmidt  2011
Jeremy Sieverts 2012-
Drew Snider 2012-
Nate Watkins 2008-
Lee Zink 2006-

Hamilton Nationals
Dan Burns  2011-12
Joe Cinosky 2009 
Will Dalton  2009
Joe Walters 2009-13

New York Lizards
Grant Catalino 2012-13
Brian Dougherty 2003-04, 09 
Michael Howley 2006-07 
Ryan Moran 2005-06
Chris Passavia 2012-
Ryan Young 2011-12

Los Angeles Riptide
Jimmy Borell 2007
Andrew Combs 2007 
Xander Ritz 2007-08

New Jersey Pride
Jason Carrier  2002
Joe Cinosky  2008 
Mike LaMonica  2005 
Ryan Lang  2007
Frank Luciano  2004 
Chris Malone 2001-04 
Jeff Shirk  2001-02

Ohio Machine
Jimmy Borell 2012
Joe Cummings 2012-13
Dan Groot 2012-
Ray Megill 2012-13
Brian Phipps 2012-
Max Schmidt 2012-

Philadelphia Barrage
Brian Dougherty 2005-08
Brian Haggerty  2002
Scott Hochstadt  2002
Chris Malone 2005
Pat McGinnis  2001-02
Mike Mollot 2004-06
Ryan Moran 2004 
Brian Reese 2005

Rochester Rattlers
Grant Catalino 2011
Andrew Combs 2005-06 
Casey Connor  2001-02 
Brian Dougherty 2001-02 
Dan Groot 2011
Michael Howley 2003-05 
Mike Mollot 2003 
Nate Watkins  2002-04 
Andrew Whipple  2002
Joe Walters  2006-08 

San Francisco Dragons
Michael Howley 2008
Mike LaMonica 2007
Xander Ritz 2006, 08 
Drew Virk  2006-08