Postgame Quotes: Maryland 16, Army 12

Maryland Athletics
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May 15, 2004

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Maryland head coach Dave Cottle opening statement:
"I thought Army played extremely hard and had a great game plan. Their kids fought to the bitter end. Winning face-offs in the fourth quarter, I thought really turned the ballgame around. We scored nine goals in the fourth quarter. I won 11-of-15 face-offs in the fourth quarter. I thought we just had the ball and wore them down.

"I thought we pressed out and made them run by us a bit and with that came some unassisted goals, but it created a tempo which was going to be up and down and be a high-scoring game. That was kind of what we wanted to create, but there goalie played an outstanding game."

Senior Drew Virk on his big day winning face-offs:
"Face-offs really just start from practice. We work hard as a face-off squad and every week it changes up on whose skill and technique is better against different guys. I guess at the beginning of the game it was hard to see. Everyone was getting into the game and by the fourth quarter we did pretty well."

Sophomore Joe Walters on the big win:
"The first three quarters we kind of struggled on offense. We couldn't get in a rhythm. But in the fourth quarter we started to run our plays a lot better. We found open men and I think we just shot a lot better. The goalie came up big and thought in the fourth quarter, we just shot better and put the ball in the net."

Senior Paul Gillette the on the fourth quarter:
"We knew Army was a good team from the beginning and we were going to have a battle the whole game. Then everything just came together in the fourth quarter. The shots started going in and it seemed like everybody just picked it up and we were able to have an outburst."

Army head coach Jack Emmer:
"I think that it was pretty obvious to all that were at the game that we hung in there pretty good for the longest time and made it an even game, going to the fourth quarter, which was what we wanted. For some reason, we just couldn't win a face-off in the fourth quarter. They were getting a jump on us at the whistle. No. 6 (Drew Virk) and No. 2 (Thomas Alford) were doing a good job. We were winning 60-70 percent going to the fourth quarter. They won 11-of-15 in the fourth quarter. That's pretty unusual for that to turn around like that. That was the difference, the reason why Maryland outshot us in the fourth like that. The few times we had it in the fourth, we needed to pull it out and keep the ball. We didn't show the poise to do that, which was unfortunate. But Maryland is very quick, I think they have a great team. I wish we performed better in those circumstances."