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April 13, 2013

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COLLEGE PARK, Md. - Postgame quotes following Maryland's 7-4 loss to Johns Hopkins.

Maryland Head Coach John Tillman
Opening Statement:
"First, I'd like to say congratulations to Johns Hopkins on a well-played game. I thought they played very hard and played terrific defense, so congratulations to them. And I want to make sure that anytime you're not successful that you give respect to the opponent and I really thought they played a great game, especially on the defensive end.

"In terms of us, I'm disappointed for our guys. I thought we played very hard from start to finish and the effort was fantastic. This one, I think, is more on me than it is on them. I just feel like I didn't do a good job getting them ready this week and having them prepared. Offensively, we had some pretty good opportunities. I thought their goalie was really good today.

"I'd like to see our shot selection change a little bit, but you have to give credit where credit is due; I don't want to take anything away from them, but I'd just like to see us execute for 60 minutes a little higher level on the offensive end and make some better decisions on offense."

On Hopkins disrupting the offense:
"I think early on we weren't getting the leverage that we wanted and at times when we did get some leverage, either [Bassett] would get a big save or maybe we just didn't put the ball where we wanted. I don't want to take anything away from their goalie; I thought he played very well today."

On shot selection:
"We didn't tell the guys that they had to shoot here or there. If you look at the first game last year, we put a lot of goals in low. If you look at the second game, we put goals in high. So, really what we want to do is take quality shots because if you want to look at each game, we were more successful at going one way or the other. We just wanted to take good shots and put them in good spots. Sometimes when you tell them to shoot one place or the other, you take a little off and you don't shoot your best shot because you're trying to shoot at a certain spot. Just like a pitcher in baseball, if you aim too hard, you kind of get away from just getting your hand back and really throwing the ball and having it feel good."

Senior Long Pole Jesse Bernhardt
On losing to Hopkins:
"I think when you lose to anybody it's not a good feeling. Obviously, I believe with the rivalry being such a big part of the game, especially lacrosse, it's not easy, but it's just another game on the calendar and you want to win all of them so it's tough, but we'll move on."

On the team's morale:
"Obviously, like I said, a loss is always tough. We're getting into the grind of the season right now, but we approach every week the same. We have good leadership on this team coming from guys like [Mike] Chanenchuk, my brother [Jake Bernhardt], John Haus, Kevin Cooper and those guys. We'll bounce back because they're good leaders and the guys underneath them will listen."

Junior midfielder Mike Chanenchuk
On Hopkins disrupting the offense:
"I think throughout the game we had some very good possessions and didn't shoot quite as well as we wanted and there were also times where we probably didn't make the best decision available and kind of rushed into something. When you're playing from behind, we never like to play the score but there's always an extra sense of urgency in a sense that you want to make the shot perfect instead of shooting just your regular shot."

On the deficit:
"We didn't really play the score. Last year we were down, I think by a similar score, and we came out of the second half and did real well. We just didn't play our best game today offensively and when you only put up four goals, you're never going to win a game."

On the team's mindset:
"When you get to the second half of the season, you have to start adjusting to teams and to the wear and tear of the season. We come out with the same mindset every week and we try to put in effort and hard work in practice. You can practice as hard as you want and as smart as you want, but when it comes down to game time, if you don't make the right decisions, you're not going to be successful."

Johns Hopkins Head Coach Dave Pietramala
On John Ranagan's play:
"I would tell you that the guys have been working hard. If I had said that John Ranagan hadn't been up shooting or John Greely, or many of these guys, doing extra in the morning on their time--if I told you they hadn't been doing that I'd be lying. As a coach, the frustrating thing is when you see your guys trying to do the right things, yet not see rewards for that. And I was really pleased for John. This was an important game against, what we think, is the best team in the country right now. And he answered like a senior needed to answer in a game, I felt like, was a lot about seniors. We all have a great respect for Maryland and we think those guys have done a phenomenal job. So, to come out and get the first two goals of the game really set a great tone for our team."

On whether or not opening on the second line motivated him?
"No. If you know anything about us, our guys don't care. John [Kaestner] said it; if a guy gets hurt, another guy steps up. If a guy isn't doing his job, another guy steps up. If we shift the lines, if our seniors are who we say they are, then they use it as motivation, but they accept it and they work within that role. And John Ranagan, John Greeley, all those guys worked within their roles, so they don't care where they are, all that matters is that the team wins and moves forward."

On the evolvement of the defense:
"This has been a different challenge. Against Albany, the knowns are three guys: its Thompson, Thompson, and Thompson. Those are the three guys that you want to defend. With this group, you're defending six guys and their scheme as well. I think that's what makes this one of the best teams, if not the best team, out there, because they play team ball. They share the ball and they don't care. [John] Haus doesn't care if he scores a goal or not. It just doesn't matter as long as they win. This is the first time I thought our midfielders have done a really good job defensively. I've been very critical of those guys in our locker room to play both ways and to do a good job. We put in a new defense this week and I though they adapted to it well. It's nice to see it come together. The challenge will be can they continue it doing forward. I thought that they did a good job today."

On if this is a turning point:
"You can look back at the Albany game and say that was a turning point when we lost. You can say the Syracuse game was the turning point because we turned around and played Virginia very well. I think we have shown flashes of what we can do, but I think that the most consistent thing about us this year is that we've been inconsistent. ... But do I think this is the turning point? I have no idea. We need to show we can turn around and handle success now. We sure didn't after Virginia, so we have to show we can do it now."

Senior Midfielder John Ranagan
On how critical this win is for the team:
"It was a game against the number one team in the country, a terrific team, and anytime you play a ranked team it is very important, especially late in the season. We prepared all week and we're happy with the outcome. Every game we prepare to win. This week we really listened to coach. He had a great game plan and we went out and executed it."

On having Rob Guida back in the game today:
"It was great. Rob is a really special player who can do a lot of special things. He had been itching for a long time to get back. Just to see him out there running around was good and I was really happy to see him put one in the back in the net."

Senior defender Tucker Durkin
What stood out on the field today:
"I think we really put it all together today for most of the game. And I think the biggest difference was that we were all on the same page out there. It felt like when we were out there we were talking to each other and we were all on the same page for the first time. Especially in the second half, and it felt really good."

Senior Goalie Pierce Bassett
On being in a zone today:
"They have a really good offense, and we talked about forcing their weak hands, taking away some of the things they like to do. In the game today I thought defense played really hard and they followed what we talked about the entire week. And that really helped me see the shots I was comfortable with, and all I really did was save them. I think all of the credit goes to the close defense and the midfielders today. They really worked their butts off and give all of the credit to them."

Senior Attackman John Kaestner
On filling in for Zach Palmer:
"It was really unfortunate that during the week he suffered an injury. We've had the same mentality throughout the past four years I've been here. The next guy up is always expected to do his job. So I just felt like if I prepared all week and then I was called upon to play in the game, I was prepared for it. I knew the other team that we were playing and I did what coach asked of me."

On feeling pressure filling in for Palmer:
"Not necessarily, I have done it before. So I felt like if I trusted myself and trusted what our coaches believed in then I'd do alright, so I didn't really feel too much pressure."