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April 20, 2013

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COLLEGE PARK, Md. - Postgame quotes following Maryland's 8-7 win over Yale Saturday afternoon at Capital One Field at Byrd Stadium.

Head Coach John Tillman
Opening Statement:
"Obviously we are excited to get a win over what I thought was a really good team. After we played Navy, I flew up and watched them two weeks ago against Dartmouth and I was really impressed then and in every film I watched. They are, as advertised, a really good team. I think they have a great sense of themselves and a really good defense, they don't beat themselves and they share the ball. It's a really good team, so we are excited to walk away with a win."

On the offensive struggles:
"It's good news, bad news. Even if we had lost this game, our approach as a staff never really changes. We look at the film and we look at every way that we can get better, whether it's decision-making or the schemes we are running against the defense, or the personnel. It's `what could we have done better?' so that we are constantly putting our best foot forward late in the season. And a lot of times it does take playing somebody else to figure out what people are going to do against us. That's the beauty of the season. The problem is if you have a game like this and you don't win, all of a sudden your back is against the wall a little bit and maybe there is no chance for the postseason. "

On what he would like to see moving forward:
I just would like to see us play with more poise and more discipline for 60 minutes. I think our kids really care; I think they have a lot of pride and they play hard. I just think we need to play smarter and make better decisions at key moments, so if we can do that it can really help us. It's a big `if' and it's something that as coaches, we need to do a better job at holding guys accountable, and then have our older players really set the example. There are just too many turnovers in key spots and having some decisions like in the first half where we had a number of transition opportunities where it looks like there was something there and then all of a sudden it disappeared and we just needed to possess the ball. Instead we just kind of forced some things that we didn't need to do, and as a result, we just go back and play more defense. I was really proud of our defense. They hung in there. Coach Conry and Coach Farrell did a good job with man-down, Niko made some big stops, but we need to prevent some of these things from happening. And a lot of it comes from us being more disciplined."

On concern with the faceoffs:
"I'm always concerned about that. For us, we had some dialogue going with the officials in terms of what we thought was early and what they thought was early. And again, I have great respect for the officials and I think they do a great job. [Yale's] guy is 63 percent, so he was pretty much what he's been all year. We just have to keep working at it. We have two really good guys and I thought Charlie [Raffa] really did a pretty good job. He did what we asked him to do. We were concerned about him going early, and last week he got called for that. So now were trying to emphasize being whistle-ready but not going early and I thought like this week it maybe hurt us a little bit."

Junior Midfielder Mike Chanenchuk
On the Terps' last possession:
"We knew that we had the rest of the game [to score] with 25 seconds left. We were just waiting for a good shot. That happened to be the first one, which doesn't always happen. I was looking for a good shot and if I didn't have one I was going to pass it on. Billy [Gribbin] threw me a really good pass and I finished it."

On Maryland's offense:
"Defenses are starting to adjust to our schemes and we are trying to mix it up and adjust to that. This week in practice we focused a lot on just us. We did a pretty good job today with the flow of the offense. But, throughout the game we didn't have as many possessions as in past games."

On Yale's defense:
"In the third quarter we only had two or three possessions. They played an offense where they sat on the ball a little bit. We also had a lot of turnovers and forced things in the midfield. When you don't get as many possessions as you are used to, it is hard to get into a rhythm. We knew we had to grind this game out and we came through in the end.

Junior goalie Niko Amato
On today's victory:
"First and foremost, I'm happy to get this win at home with my teammates. It's been a while since we've gotten a win on this field. We were also honoring some special people today so it was a good win. Our coaches gave us a good game plan, we scouted them well, and our defense put me in a position to save shots that I was comfortable with. All of the short stick midfielders, the faceoff guys and our close defensemen all played really well."

On Yale's last-second shot:
"It hit my foot actually. I got a little nervous because I didn't know where it went after it hit my foot. I just felt a lot of pain. I would have been really upset if it had gone in. I was just glad that [Yale] wasn't jumping up and down and that we were."

On the importance of today's game:
"It's just another stepping stone for us. I thought we could have played better, but it is always good to come out with a win when you don't play your best game."