Postgame Quotes: No. 3 Maryland 13, No. 5 UMass 7

Maryland Athletics
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May 17, 2003

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Maryland Coach and Player Quotes

Coach Dave Cottle
"We have a lot of respect for UMass. They are a very explosive offensive team and they are very well coached. We felt that if we played a solid game defensively, we'd get some chances offensively."

On his team's defensive effort:
"All year we've played a pretty tough schedule. We thought going into it, as much as respect as we have for UMass, we thought we had some situations where we could win some matchups. That's one of the things we look forward, to that if our defensemen could win some of these matchups or break even, then we could hold them to less than 10 (goals). We felt that if we held them to less than 10, we'd win."

On leading his team to the national semifinals:
"Maryland has a proud tradition in lacrosse. The people I'm most happy for are the 13 seniors, but also for (former head coach) Coach (Dick) Edell. He had a lot to do this and I didn't want to screw this thing up for him. He's a part of our program now. He will be this weekend. I'm excited for the University of Maryland, and our kids and also for Coach Edell.

Senior Captain Mike Mollot
On offense's effort today:
"Offensively, we're just trying not to blow it for the defense. We've got the best defense in the country. They seemed tired and we kept playing. Coach played a lot of guys. I think we're just coming together right now. It's not like we have just one or two threats. We've five or six guys the other team has to worry about. Everyone played well today. Hopefully we can keep it up."

On the seniors' feelings about advancing to the national semifinals:
"It's not good enough. We're trying to win this thing. We don't care about making it to the Final Four. We want to win this thing."

Senior Goalkeeper Danny McCormick
On how playing at the Carrier Dome in an exhibition game earlier this year helped prepare him for today's game:
"I think it helped us a lot when you're getting ready for this big time environment. This is a huge stadium. Coming up here earlier was a great thing. We played a team with a similar offense to UMass. It was good to get used to, especially as a goalie, knowing what you have to do to get ready to see the ball in this place.

On how he seemed to get into a rhythm after allowing Massachusetts' second goal:
"Anytime you get a good save in the first quarter, it's a confidence maker. I made a mistake (on the second goal). I didn't stay on the pipe. "

Massachusetts Coach and Player Quotes

Sophomore Midfielder Chris Doyle
On Maryland's defense:
"They are a talented defense. Their goalie made some big saves. They were one of the better defenses we've played against this year."

Coach Greg Canella
On the play of Maryland:
"It was a hard-fought game. Maryland's goalie was outstanding today, and as the game went on Maryland showed their depth. They have four poles (defensemen) that are outstanding and a couple of great middies. They have players who are excellent --Howley, Passavia and Zink. When you combine that with their goalie-play, that's a tough defense."

On Massachusetts' seven seniors:
"These guys have been outstanding. They are directly responsible for our turnaround over the last three years."