Wrestling: Brendan Byrne Q & A

March 2, 2006

COLLEGE PARK, Md. - How are you feeling heading into this weekend?
Brendan Byrne: I feel pretty good, pretty confident. I am just looking forward to having a good tournament. I went over some things I haven't been doing over the past two weeks and worked on my mistakes. Is this what you expected out of your first year?
BB: Somewhat. It was a rough year coming in and starting, but after I got a little bit of confidence I started to build on it. I expected to do well, but I hopefully still have four weeks left to judge this year by. In what ways have you improved from the beginning of the year?
BB: A lot of confidence. I have improved my feet and being in the neutral position. At the beginning of the year I wasn't scoring and I was hesitant to shoot, and now I'm not hesitant and try to score, and I usually do. I've gotten a lot better of riding on top than I was at first What's been the biggest adjustment to the level of competition?
BB: I've had a lot of trouble getting out on bottom, so guys are a lot stronger than they were before. important is confidence to a wrestler?
BB: It's huge. The margin of winning and losing is so thin because their abilities are so close and anyone can beat anyone. You have to believe you can do it. What's been the toughest part of the year?
BB: Winter break was pretty tough. We had a lot of practices, two-a-days - it was hard on the body. Losing is pretty tough, too. That's not too fun. Was there a turning point to your season?
BB: My second tournament (Mat Town Invitational) was a turning point for me. The first weekend I got pinned by a kid who was ranked preseason, and in that second tournament I pinned him and placed fourth, which was a little bit of an accomplishment that gave me some confidence and something to build on. What will be the key to your success this weekend?
BB: Wrestle seven minutes, work hard, and do my best. How do you assess the team's chances this weekends?
BB: We look really good. We're missing a weight class, but other than that, as long as everyone goes in there and wrestles like we've been wrestling, we have a good chance of winning.