Taylor Takes Third At Southern Scuffle To Pace Terps

Dec. 30, 2005

GREENSBORO, N.C. - Freshman Hudson Taylor took third place at 197 pounds to help pace the Maryland Terrapin wrestling team to a 21st-place finish (27 points) at the Southern Scuffle. Taylor went 6-1 over the two days and was the only Terp wrestler to place.

Third-ranked Minnesota won the tournament with a score of 192, followed by No. 13 Missouri (149), No. 8 Cornell (131), No. 19 Edinboro (103) and Ohio State (94.5). There were six nationally ranked teams and 58 individuals competing at the event.

After advancing to the quarterfinals on Thursday, Taylor got by No. 13 Jeff Foust of Missouri with an injury default two minutes into the match. In the semifinals, No. 18 Ryan Goodman of NC State edged Taylor with a 10-8 win in overtime. After advancing by default in the consolation bracket, Taylor defeated Max Askren 10-5 to take third place.

Jason Gribschaw (141) and Andrew Schalffer (149) also helped Maryland with four victories at the tournament, but did not manage to place. In all, six Maryland wrestlers finished with winning records at the Southern Scuffle.

The Terrapins will return to action with a pair of duals away from College Park at Penn (Jan. 7) and at Navy (Jan. 11). Maryland will be back at Comcast Pavilion on Friday, Jan. 13, for its ACC opener against NC State at 7:30.

James Knox (2-2)
Round of 64 James Knox (Maryland) def. Chris Panfili (Davidson) Pin (1:43)
Round of 32 Justin Stayler (Virginia Tech) def. James Knox (Maryland) 4-0
Wrestleback 1st James Knox (Maryland) def. Matt Fisk (Lehigh) 4-3
Wrestleback 2nd Brad Gentzle (Pittsburgh) def. James Knox (Maryland) 13-5

Brendan Byrne (3-2) Round of 64 Brendan Byrne (Maryland) def. Casey Moore (Lock Haven) 11-3 Round of 32 Mike Mormile (Cornell) def. Brendan Byrne (Maryland) 5-1 Wrestleback 1st Brendan Byrne (Maryland) def. Anton Prater (Virginia Tech) 8-1 Wrestleback 2nd Brendan Byrne (Maryland) def. Kyle Terrell (UNCG) 9-2 Wrestleback 3rd Reece Humphrey (Ohio State) def. Brendan Byrne (Maryland) 9-6

Sean Carr (0-2) Round of 32 Jeff Breese (North Carolina State) def. Sean Carr (Maryland) 12-4 Wrestleback 2nd Josh Pniewski (Gardner-Webb) def. Sean Carr (Maryland) 9-2

Alex Krom (3-2) Round of 64 Alex Krom (Maryland) def. TJ Enright (Ohio State) 9-3 Round of 32 Alex Krom (Maryland) def. Isaiah Britton (North Carolina) 9-3 Round of 16 Chris McCormick (Missouri) def. Alex Krom (Maryland) 10-5 Wrestleback 3rd Alex Krom (Maryland) def. Bane Compton (Old Dominion) 8-4 Wrestleback 4th Kyle Larson (Oregon State) def. Alex Krom (Maryland) 11-4

Jason Gribschaw (4-2) Round of 64 Jason Gribschaw (Maryland) def. Ryan Scott (Appalachian St.) 10-1 Round of 32 Dave Hoffman (Virginia Tech) def. Jason Gribschaw (Maryland) 7-4 Wrestleback 1st Jason Gribshaw (Maryland) def. Matt Fleming (Ohio State) 8-1 Wrestleback 2nd Jason Gribschaw (Maryland) def. Peter Ferrara (Virginia) 7-1 Wrestleback 3rd Jason Gribschaw (Maryland) def. Jay Morrison (Edinboro) 9-5 Wrestleback 4th Clint Sponsellor (Kent State) def. Jason Gribschaw (Maryland) 16-5

Steven Fehnel (0-2) Round of 64 Brad Canterbury (Navy) def. Steve Fehnel (Maryland) 7-2 Wrestleback 1st A.J. Renteria (Gardner-Webb) def. Steve Fehnel (Maryland) Pin (5:57)

Andrew Schlaffer (4-2) Round of 64 Andrew Schlaffer (Maryland) def. Mike Kessler (Rider) 5-1 Round of 32 Brent Metcalf (Virginia Tech) def. Andrew Schlaffer (Maryland) 8-7 Wrestleback 1st Andrew Schlaffer (Maryland) def. Nick Lukacs (Appalachian State) Pin (0:58) Wrestleback 2nd Andrew Shaffler (Maryland) def. Justin Cole (Missouri) 9-3 Wrestleback 3rd Andrew Schlaffer (Maryland) def. Orlando Perez (Oregon St.) 5-2 Wrestleback 4th Sam Alvarenga (VMI) def. Andrew Schlaffer (Maryland) 10-3

Keith Bernard (0-2) Round of 32 Orlando Perez (Oregon State) def. Keith Bernard (Maryland) Pin (0:48) Wrestleback 1st Chris Humphries (The Citadel) def. Keith Bernard (Maryland) 5-3

Jerad Villecco (1-2) Round of 64 Jerad Villecco (Maryland) def. Paul Florio (Gardner-Webb) Pin (0:44) Round of 32 Mitch Webster (George Mason) def. Jerad Villecco (Maryland) 5-3 Wrestleback 2nd Matt Hill (Edinboro) def. Jerad Villecco (Maryland) 5-3 (sv)

Adam James (3-2) Round of 64 Tommy Cunningham (VMI) def. Adam James (Maryland) 12-3 Wrestleback 1st Adam James (Maryland) def. Nate Berryman (UNCG) Pin (4:21) Wrestleback 2nd Adam James (Maryland) def. Kyle Artusio (Virginia) 10-3 Wrestleback 3rd Adam James (Maryland) def. Brian Baglio (North Carolina) Pin (7:28) sv Wrestleback 4th Steve Sommer (Ohio State) def. Adam James (Maryland) For

Dominic Buckman (2-2) Round of 64 Dominic Buckman (Maryland) def. Matt Riddle (East Stroudsburg) 2-0 Round of 32 Dominic Buckman (Maryland) def. Eric Ring (Edinboro) 4-2 Round of 16 Neal Martin (Appalachian St.) def. Dominic Buckman (Maryland) 12-7 Wrestleback 3rd Ryan Knapp (Ohio) def. Dominic Buckman (Maryland) PIN (4:47)

Rob Parker (0-2) Round of 32 Matt Stolpinski (Navy) def. Rob Parker (Maryland) 9-3 Wrestleback 1st Matt Riddle (East Stroudsburg) def. Rob Parker (Maryland) 7-3

Hudson Taylor (6-1, 3rd Place) Round of 64 Hudson Taylor (Maryland) def. Joe Fendone (Edinboro) 12-0 Round of 32 Hudson Taylor (Maryland) def. Travis Gardner (Oregon State) Pin (6:37) Round of 16 Hudson Taylor (Maryland) def. Mitch Kuhlman (Minnesota) 9-1 Quarterfinals Hudson Taylor (Maryland) def. Jeff Foust (Missouri) De (2:01) Semifinals Ryan Goodman (North Carolina State) def. Hudson Taylor (Maryland) 10-8 sv Wrestleback 7th Hudson Taylor (Maryland) def. Paul Weibel (Lehigh) Def Third Place Hudson Taylor (Maryland) def. Max Askren (Missouri) 10-5

Jerry Afari (1-2) Round of 32 Jerry Afari (Maryland) def. Joel Caruso (George Mason) 13-5 Round of 16 Max Askren (Missouri) def. Jerry Afari (Maryland) Pin 1:51 Wrestleback 3rd Mark Thompson (The Citadel) def. Jerry Afari (Maryland) 2-1

Bryan Reiss (3-2) Round of 32 Bryan Reiss (Maryland) def. John Buck (The Citadel) 6-3 Round of 16 Jainor Palma (North Carolina) def. Bryan Reiss (Maryland) 6-2 Wrestleback 3rd Bryan Reiss (Maryland) def. Scott Buhman (VMI) 3-1 Wrestleback 4th Bryan Reiss (Maryland) def. Sean Connole (Missouri) 8-1 Wrestleback 5th Kirk Nail (Ohio State) def. Bryan Reiss (Maryland) Pin (0:35)