Postgame Quotes: Maryland 47, Old Dominion 10

Maryland Athletics
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COLLEGE PARK, Md. - Postgame quotes following Maryland's 47-10 win over Old Dominion.

Maryland Head Coach Randy Edsall

Opening Statement:

“I am very pleased with the outcome of today’s game and the way our player’s prepared this week. To go out and play like the way they did showed the kind of week of preparation that we had. There were things that we really did well today. To play the way we have been the last two weeks I think is really good. We will look at the film with them tomorrow and make the corrections. There are some things that need to be corrected. It was good to see some other guys step up this week and play the way we did. We are happy that we are 2-0.”

On the strategy against quarterback Taylor Heinicke:

“That young man is a heck of a football player. I have a lot of admiration and respect for Taylor and how he plays. Watching him on film, he is very deserving of every honor that he has received at Old Dominion.  I am glad that our kids played the way they did because he is outstanding. The defensive coaches sat down and we came up with a game plan that we thought could be the best for us to be successful. We basically played a dime scheme with six defensive backs. We ended up getting our best front-four that we thought in terms of speed and athleticism. He drove us nuts with the scrambling and everything else. We knew we had to pressure him and change some looks up on him to try and confuse him. The thing that I am most proud of is the fact that we kept him out of the end zone. I was told after the game that for Old Dominion, I think 14 points was the previous low.  I thought our guys did a really great job of executing the plan that we had for them.”

On if they planned on trying to use more offensive weapons:

“I think what happens is that people we play have to decide who they are going to take away. Old Dominion tried to take C.J. [Brown] away a little bit because of what he did last week. They took C.J. away, you saw what Brandon [Ross] and Albert [Reid] did. I feel good about the fact that we have some guys who can make plays. As we tell them, you cannot get frustrated, you cannot get upset if the ball is not coming your way based on what people were doing. Today, they kind of rolled their coverage to Deon [Long] because of what he did a week ago. That opens up Stefon [Diggs] and Nigel [King]. We have to make sure that we take what they give us.”

On defensive lineman Roman Braglio and defensive line pressure:

“I have to look at the film a little bit. I know Roman is always going to give effort. I am not worried about the effort that he gives. We were getting good pressure. It is tough. You watch this kid on film and most of the time he was scrambling outside. We were trying to make sure that are ends did not get up the field to far because then he could do certain things. We made some adjustments as the game was ongoing where we said you guys can only get as deep as the quarterback and then be ready to fall underneath.” 

On wide receiver Stefon Diggs’ high-step on the way to the end zone:

“It was just a coachable moment. I think it is my responsibility to coach the young men up. If I see something what we think it should be and help the student-athletes to become better we are going to address that because if we do not address it then we are saying it is okay when it is not okay. I do not want to see any of our student-athletes to hurt their reputation.”

On whether the game plan was to be run heavy, or if it was dictated by the flow of the game:

“We knew we needed to run the ball better. We were satisfied with how we ran the ball the first week. We made a concerted effort to let our players know that we need to be able to run the football better if we’re going to be successful in this offense. We wanted to run the ball last week, but we weren’t as successful. But we feel we have to be able to run the ball to be the kind of offense that we want to be.”

On how defensive backs Isaac Goins and William Likely fared:

“I thought they played okay, but again I know we’ll look at the film and there’s going to be some things that we’re gunna coach them  up on to get them better; but I was pleased with their effort and how they competed. I thought Will tackled well; I thought Issac tackled well too. But again our guys have the philosophy that hey you got to be ready to go. It’s unfortunate that JJ [Jeremiah Johnson] wasn’t out there, and I’ll address that a little bit more tomorrow. But I think we got a team that really understands that we have got to be ready to play at any given moment, and I’ve got to make sure that I go in and play as good or better as the guy that I’m replacing. I’m proud of our guys because they have that kind of mentality, and they’re showing it when they get the opportunities. It just shows you the confidence [we have] that you go into a game plan. Here you’re going to take Will and throw him in there and let him play nickel for us, and AJ Hendy, who we think has come along tremendously, and Issac is a senior, who has matured tremendously in the time he’s been here. To go in and play the way they did—and you know Issac had that pick there early in the game—it was good to see because he’s really worked hard and he’s a great kid.”

On wide receiver Stefon Diggs:

“He’s fine there’s nothing wrong with him, I was just a little concerned because when I watched the replay, I saw the guy really kind of club his head. And you know every time that you hit somebody above the shoulders, you know with the hand, elbow, and all that, hat to me is a targeting foul, so that’s what I was trying to do.

“The other thing is, I thought the officials did a good job. I mean I got on them about the one with Sean Davis, but I went up and apologized because the guys upstairs told me it was a good call. So I’m not always right either.”

On how running back Brandon Ross ran this week compared to last week:

“I thought after last week, after we studied the tape and looked at it, I thought he was juking too much. I thought he was hesitant; he wasn’t just hitting it and going. Then this week we talked about that after the game last week and he did it. He came up to me towards the end of the game, he asked if he hit it a little bit quicker today and I didn’t think I was dancing as much out there today. And I said from what I could see I thought you did. Now we’ll study the film again this week, but that’s the thing that’s neat about these kids, they will come off the field and they’ll talk to you. And now they have an understanding of all the things that are happening out there. And that’s neat to be able to have those kinds of conversations during the game, and then when they come up and ask if they did this a little bit better and that’s really neat to be around.”

On playing Connecticut next week and his expectations:

“I’m not really worried about that right now. I’m sure I’ll be able to get a chance to talk about that plenty during the week. I’m just going to enjoy this one, do my normal Saturday routine, and I’ll start worrying about that when they get there, and we’ll address all those things next week. But I’m going enjoy this one. Wins are hard to come by, so I’m going enjoy this one.”

On how the defense performed against the hurry-up offense:

“You know we see the hurry-up offense every week from our own team, so I don’t think it really bothered us. You know we had a couple guys that we had to send in to get IVs because they were cramping a little bit. But no, I thought we handled it really well, and like said it’s good that we see those things against our own team. Overall, I thought we just had a great team victory and I thought all three phases really did a good job, and I think it shows when you end up winning 47-10 and you have the kind of stats we had. So again, I just proud of our coaches and our players for the jobs that they did.”

Maryland Players

Wide Reciever Stefon Diggs

On the improvement made from the first game:

“We played better this week, and as a collective unit, we did. You can tell on the scoreboard that we did also, but we still have yet to have our best game. We continue to try to get better each and every week and just keep coming together, build team comradery, and just come out on Saturdays and do our best.”

On the flair he exhibited during his touchdown run:

“I didn’t really think I was going to get all the way there, and that’s why I dove. Luckily, I got there.”

On some of the younger players getting minutes in today’s game:

“It’s good to get them out there young so they have some experience of what it is like to be in the game. It is also good to have your team come out strong in the first half so you know you can do that in the third and fourth quarter.”

Defensive Back Sean Davis

On the Terps’ game plan for quarterback Taylor Heinicke:

“We have been studying him for the past week and looking at what their offense does. During the week of practice, we noticed that he likes to scramble, while a lot of their wide receivers go vertical, which does open up opportunities for a quarterback scramble. That is where they got most of their yards from, but we did not want them to use their receivers to bomb us downfield. We did shut that down, but we have to get better keeping the quarterback contained and not letting him run the ball up the middle.”

On his interception:

“I had seen that play before. That just comes from film and watching. The quarterback was rolling out and a lot of wide receivers tend to roll with the quarterback. I saw the wide receiver coming across the middle of the field and I saw there was no vertical threat on my side. I was just hoping he would throw the ball.”

Quarterback C.J. Brown

On running back Brandon Ross:

“It was huge. The offensive line did a great job today. Their whole zone-read scheme was baiting me not to run the ball and mostly giving reads. Brandon had a great game today and I am happy for him. I see him do it in practice all the time so for him to get the touches that he did is great.”

On if there was an improvement in the offensive line from last week to this week:

“Yeah, the whole mentality shifted and they wanted to establish themselves. When people are commenting on how shaky the line is, they wanted to come out and prove those people wrong. They did a great job this week and had a great game today, and it showed in the run game.”

Running Back Brandon Ross

On his performance this week compared to last:

“As far as last week, you know I was doing a lot of tip toeing. I think I made a change from week-to-week. With all the weapons we have, anyone can shine on any given day. As long as everyone’s stepping up to help us win the game that’s the most important thing. I know we had a great week of practice, especially the o-line. The way you practice is the way you play”

Defensive Lineman Roman Braglio:

On his performance:

“We got a lot of fast and strong people coming outside. Coach is always emphasizing that if one person goes down it can’t be a setback.”

Defensive Back Isaac Goins

On preparing for Old Dominion’s offense:

“We just come prepared for the game. The thing about practice is if you put everything you would in the game into practice it doesn’t feel like practice”

Defensive Back William Likely

On the defenses’ performance:

“Won’t say we did great, because we could do way better, but we got the win so that’s all that matters.” 

Old Dominion Head Coach Bobby Wilder

On what he told his team at halftime:

“I made a very big point to them at halftime that what I was going to evaluate the most in the second half was how well we came out and competed in the second half. We were still outscored in the second half, but I liked the way our guys competed. We’re an up-and-coming team right now. We’ve got a lot of guys that are trying to grow up really fast. I feel like we competed in the second half even though the score doesn’t look that way.”

On whether the first quarter touchdown review changed the game:

“You can pick all kind of points in the game. I felt like in the first quarter it was a very competitive football game. We were moving the ball on them, but when you have three turnovers like that, you not only lose the ball but you lose field position, and you’re going to be in a bad way. We didn’t show any ability at all on defense to stop them in this football game. When you’re chasing points and you’re turning the ball over, it’s a bad combination … There’s no one call that was the issue in this game. The bottom line is that Maryland is better than Old Dominion right now as a football team. That was clear to me at halftime when we were down 31-3. It’s clear to me right now as I look up at the scoreboard and see 47-10. I think Old Dominion is going to be a better football team tomorrow. I feel like we will grow from this. This will be a great learning experience for us. We’re a work in progress right now. I had hoped we’d play better today, but Maryland’s a good football team.”

On if quarterback Taylor Heinicke’s interceptions concerned him:

“It concerns me anytime we have turnovers, whether it’s a fumble or an interception. He got baited into a couple of those throws. One of them he was rolling out and trying to make a play, the same play he made three times last week against East Carolina. The safety baited him and made the interception. They played well. Maryland’s much, much better on defense. They gave up 10 points last week, and 10 points this week. They’re a good football team. Coach Edsall is doing a really good job. They’re a lot better than they were last year. You can see that, particularly with the quarterback.”

On if this game is a learning experience:

“We haven’t had a lot of adversity as a football program. We haven’t been beaten like this. The way I described it to our team in the locker room after the game is adversity really defines your character. We’ll find out what we’re made of when we come back tomorrow. This will be a long bus ride home. Old Dominion has never been beaten by 37 points before. We’ll learn how we can handle adversity. We’ll learn a lot about some young kids now. We had 70 kids on this trip, 35 of them are brand new to our program. They weren’t here last year when we were in the playoffs trying to win a national championship. We’re going to find out a lot about these younger guys we’ve got right now, and I’m hoping that our character will come through.”

Old Dominion Players

Wide Receiver Larry Pinkard:

On today’s game:

 “I don’t think we executed as well as we should have, as well as we did last week, and like we do in practice every day. We’re going to get back at it next weekend, and do the things we do in practice, and just come out and play harder next week.

“It just seemed like when Taylor [Heinicke] had guys in his face, from up above, it didn’t look like guys were getting open. They have a lot of team speed; they just out worked us today. They just out worked us today; they played harder than we did. We executed pretty well the first couple of quarters but after that, they just out executed us it seemed like.”

On the differences between East Carolina and Maryland:

“I think Maryland put more emphasis on the defense than ECU (East Carolina) did. You can see on the scoreboard, we only scored one touchdown and that was in the fourth quarter.”

On Maryland’s team speed:

“Yeah, they had a lot of team speed. They had an extra DB on the field and that’s how they stopped our offensive attack.”

On Maryland’s coverage in the secondary:

 “They played pretty good coverage, they intercepted us. But first quarter we executed pretty well, I caught three back-to-back passes. It was all an execution thing.”

Quarterback Taylor Heinicke

On the three interceptions:

“On the first drive I didn’t throw it far enough for Bailey to go get it, he beat the corner and I just laid it out there for him to go get it. I under threw him. Second one, across the field, coach preaches to not try and be superman and just throw it out of bounds, play the next play. I was trying to make a good play and throw it across my body to Melvin [Vaughn], and I didn’t see the guy coming and he just picked it. So we’ll go back and look at film and try and get better from it.”

On using the game as a learning experience:

“I believe you can only come back from this, and this is a set back and we’re trying to get back from this. And I feel like that is the best defense I’ve faced in college. Their DBs were the best I’ve seen and I think our offense line did a great job protecting me. They were just coverage sacks. They were just very good in the secondary.”

On Maryland’s team speed:

“They have a good defensive scheme, a bunch of twists, a bunch of stunts on the front seven and again their secondary is very fast, very smart. I feel like this is the best defense we faced.”