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 Donation Overview

As a Terrapin Club donor, you can contribute as much or as little as you desire. Your benefits of donation, however, do vary depending on your level and amount of contribution. The TC is composed of 11 levels of donation.

All donations must be paid in full by June 30 for the upcoming school year for you to receive your full benefits.

Giving Levels

  • Director's Circle — $25,000
  • Top Terp —  $11,000
  • Coaches Club —  $5500
  • Super Terp —  $2200
  • Diamondback —  $1,300
  • Gold —  $650
  • Silver 275 —  $275
  • Silver —  $135
  • Bronze —  $55
  • Young Alumni Silver — $65
  • Young Alumni Bronze — $25

2018-19 Terrapin Club Benefit Chart

 Ways To Give

Direct Gifts — Checks and Credit Cards

Contributions may be made annually or periodically by check or credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover).  Checks should be made payable to the University of Maryland College Park Foundation and can be mailed to the Terrapin Club at 2707 Xfinity Center, College Park, Md. 20742. To print out a donation form, click here. To make a gift online, click here

Monthly Payment Plans

A personal checking account can be debited or a credit card can be charged a set amount every month for your convenience. To start a monthly giving plan, please call the Terrapin Club office at (301) 314-7020.

Stock & Cash Transfers

Gifts can be made in the form of a stock transfer or cash wire. 

For instructions for making a transfer of stock, click here.

For instructions for making a wire transfer, click here.

Please email with transfer information.

Potential benefits include:

  • Avoid paying capital gains tax
  • Receive a charitable income tax deduction

Matching Gifts

Matching gifts enhance your gift's impact and upgrade your donation level. The University of Maryland College Park Foundation qualifies for most charitable matching gift programs. If your company participates in such programs, you'll receive Terpoint credit for the matching gift, too (once the match has been received).

Contact your Human Resources department regarding your eligibility to offer a matching gift. Check the University of Maryland's matching gift database to find out if your company participates in matching gifts.

Donor Advised funds

While it is generally permissible for donors to direct gifts to the University of Maryland College Park, the University of Maryland College Park Foundation and the University System of Maryland Foundation through Donor Advised Funds (DAFs), there are restrictions imposed by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) that impact certain types of DAF contributions. These restricted contributions include those to support the University of Maryland Department of Intercollegiate Athletics. Click here for complete guidelines for gifts from DAFs.

Gifts of Real Estate

A gift of your appreciated real property (such as your home, vacation property, vacant land, farmland, ranch or commercial property) can make a great gift.

Here are some of the benefits you may enjoy:

  • Avoid paying capital gains tax
  • Receive a charitable income tax deduction
  • Leave a lasting legacy

How to make your gift

  • Your real property may be gifted to our organization by executing or signing a deed transferring ownership. You may deed part or all of your real property to our organization. Your gift will generally be based on the property's fair market value, which must be established by an independent appraisal.

Gifts of Retirement Assets

A gift of your retirement assets [IRA, 401(k), 403(b), pension or other tax deferred plan] is an excellent way to make a gift. If you are like most people, you probably will not use all of your retirement assets during your lifetime.

Did you know that 50%-60% of your retirement assets may be taxed if you leave them to your heirs at your death? Another option is to leave your heirs assets that receive a step up in basis (such as real estate and stock) and give the retirement assets to our organization. As a charity, we are not taxed upon receiving an IRA or other retirement plan assets.

Your retirement assets may be transferred to us by completing a beneficiary designation form provided by your plan custodian. If you designate our organization as beneficiary, we will benefit from the full value of your gift because your IRA assets will not be taxed at your death. Your estate will benefit from an estate tax charitable deduction for the gift.

Gifts of Insurance

If your life insurance policy is no longer needed or will no longer benefit your survivors consider making a gift and help further our mission.  Did you know that you can give your life insurance policy to us today and receive a charitable income tax deduction? You can then make deductible contributions to us each year which we may use to pay the premiums. We benefit from the proceeds of your policy.

You can also designate us as the beneficiary of your life insurance policy. You will continue to own and can make use of the policy during your lifetime. The policy will be included in your taxable estate when you pass away, but your estate will benefit from an estate tax charitable deduction for the value of the gift to us.

Sports Specific Giving

Sports specific giving or friends of programs, allow you to make a gift directly to a team of your choice. For each $100 you donate to a specific program, you will receive 4 Terpoints. Keep in mind, these gifts are not considered gifts to the Terrapin Club (which receive 8 Terpoints for every $100 given).

Terrapin Club License Plates

TC license plates are available to active TC donors only. Call the TC at (301) 314-7020 or stop by the TC office to pick up the MVA application. To purchase the plates you must submit a check of $35 made payable to the University of Maryland College Park Foundation (one-time scholarship gift) and include a $25 check made payable to the MVA (vanity cost of the plate). Once the application form is completed, the TC will forward it to the MVA. TC license plates are assigned in sequential order, therefore, it is not possible for the MVA to assign you a specific tag number.

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