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COLLEGE PARK, Md. - Numerous members of the Maryland field hockey family are working and interning across many field, taking their Maryland experience with them. Recent Terrapin Brooke Adler is a marketing intern at STX in Baltimore, Marissa Cutry is an architechtural technical designer with Gensler in Washington D.C. and rising senior Olivia Reiter is interning with Colliers International in Perth, Australia.

What is your job title and how did you get this position?

Adler: I am an intern in the marketing department at STX in the Field Hockey department where I assist the Brand Manager for Field Hockey.  I was able to get this position actually connecting with STX at our Golf Tournament and they were in need of an intern for after I graduated in December. It was a great role to come into out of college and a chance to get some experience in the marketing role.

Reiter: I am interning for Colliers International in Perth, Australia. While at Colliers I have worked in the trust department and Strata Management. 

Cutry: I am currently a technical designer at Gensler in Washington D.C. Last summer, I interned at this same office and got offered a full time position. I sought out this internship from my knowledge of the company from through its prominence in architecture and school career fairs. I also got a lot of support to apply to this internship from my former teammate, Brooke Cabrera, who was very familiar with the firm. 

What are your day-to-day responsibilities?

Adler: My responsibilities have included managing social media accounts, working directly with STX athletes, creating marketing assets, helpong to run tournament events, assisting in team sales, and creating custom sticks graphics just to name a few things.

Reiter: For the Strata department, I process work orders for buildings and assign them to the contractors. I send correspondence on the behalf of the Strata manager. I answer owner account quarries. I issue breaches of bylaws. For the accounts (trust) department, I prepared accounting journal entries and prepared reconciliations. I reconciled budgets and properly allocated funds. I also assisted in archiving documents.  

Cutry: Since I started full time in the winter, I have been working in our health and wellness studio where I work breath of projects. I spend most of my day designing interior spaces that requires me to be working on the computer in design/construction documents and pulling finishes from our library. 

How has this experience helped you grow in your career and how has your time at Maryland helped prepare you for this?

Adler: The experience at STX has been immensely valuable to my growth in the profession. Being a Student Athlete at Maryland has helped me in my new role with time management, working within a new team, and not being afraid to voice my opinion to help the team. I have really enjoyed my experience here at STX and feel really lucky to have connected with such a great company during my time at Maryland in order to gain this opportunity.  I have even been able to work with the team on creating their upcoming graphics for their sticks for the 2018 season, which has been super special to do!

Reiter: My goals are to continue in the real estate field, hoping to become a retail broker, responsible for leasing and sales of retail space in a major city. While at Colliers, I was not able to work in this department, however working with the Strata Management and accounts department has broadened my knowledge and understanding of the industry. 

Having the opportunity to work in a different culture and learn a new way of lifecan be the most valuable life lessons that a college student athlete can experience. Change and the unknown is a great teacher.

Cutry: Next fall, I am attending Clemson University to obtain my Masters in Architecture. Once completed, I plan to continue to work as a designer and study to eventually test for my ARE’s and become a licensed architect. My career goal is to work and though different practice areas of architecture. I hope to take on different role as my career continues, from designer to project architect. My main goal and inspiration of taking on this career path is to design healthier and more sustainable spaces which make a positive impact on not only the user, but the environment. 

Since I began working, I have noticed many similarities between my past student-athlete life and current professional career. The structured daily schedule has definitely continued into my new lifestyle. I still have a structured weekly schedule of when I work, study and workout. I also find myself relating many aspects of athletics to work: deadlines are much like run tests, presentation preparation like weekly practices, and coffee like pregame pump-up playlists. 
Although I may struggle a little more on the treadmill these days, I think I have had a very smooth transition from my student athlete life to my professional career thanks to the athletic and academic resources at Maryland.