Quotes: Maryland 61, Rutgers 51

Maryland Athletics
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Mark Turgeon  

Opening Statement:

“I’m really proud of the crowd tonight. The weather was bad. Our last three home games the weather has been really bad. Our fans have shown toughness just like my team. I was really proud of that. I thought we were terrific. I’ve been really hard on Bruno [Fernando] in the film sessions. He locked into the defensive game plan tonight and was ready to go. He was locked in and it was great to see. We had a lot of guys play well. Great win for us.”

On if the first thirty-five minutes told the story of the game:

“I’m really proud of our guys. We are young. We were up 19 with 7:30 left to go in the game. We get better every game. They’re doing some really good things out there. Rutgers is one of those teams that never stops and will play until the end. They figured out our double teams and were much more efficient late in the game.”

On if Jake and Melo provided some extra energy tonight:

“I was worried tonight because of the weather and coming off a loss, but I thought our guys were energized. We had a lot of former players here tonight. I think seven or eight were here tonight. It was good to have them. I was really happy for Jake and Melo. I thought it was a great ovation. As a coaching staff it was the first time since I’ve been here we stopped during the time out and gave them an ovation because those two changed our program. They got us to where we were a top-20 team every season. They have done a lot so it was great to have them back.

On the difference for Fernando the past few games:

“He has figured out how to stay out of foul trouble. He stays out of foul trouble and stays on the floor. He’s playing smarter. I let him play through some mistakes the other night in Nebraska. He was dialed into the game plan tonight because the film session wasn’t fun. For him to take that next step he will need to listen better and pay attention to detail. He did it tonight. I’m probably going to watch the film and see how locked in he was. It’s just confidence and staying out of foul trouble. He’s always been good.”

On if the quick turnaround is a benefit to this team:

“Thankfully we just played them because they run so many sets and the matchup zone. It will be a quick turnaround, but a lot less preparation. For us, right now, it’s just getting mentally right and getting physically right. We will travel tomorrow night and it is a big game for us and hopefully get a road win.”

Maryland Sophomore Point Guard Anthony Cowan Jr.   

On staying in contact with Melo Trimble:

“I think he’s been through a lot here; having to be that lead guard while everybody’s watching. Obviously I’m kind of taking in that role a little bit so it’s good to always have someone to talk to that’s already experienced it. It’s good for me.”

On what his focus is on during a defensive matchup:

“I’m just trying to beat him to the spot. And like I said, just make him take shots over our hand. He’s [Rutgers Guard Corey Sanders] a really good player, so that’s really what you’ve got to try to focus on.”

Maryland Freshman Guard Darryl Morsell

On what he saw from Bruno Fernando tonight:

“He’s just being him. This is what I’ve always expected of Bruno. I’ve known him since high school, I know what he’s capable of. I think he’s kind of found a rhythm, like some sense of comfortability in the offense, and he’s just playing with a lot of energy and effort. He’s also not fouling so he’s able to play longer minutes and stay in the game, which is good.”

On the inbounds alley-oop to Bruno Fernando:

“It was all him. I just put it in the right place and I knew he was going to finish it. He definitely got up there.”

On what Bruno Fernando’s three-point shooting ability does for defenses:

“It opens up a lot for everybody else, like I said. Us playing with four guards already gives all the guards space and opportunity to drive and make plays because the floor is so open. And now we have a five that’s also able to [shoot threes]; I think that’s just going to make us an even more lethal threat on offense. I think that’s good for his confidence too, because he works on that a lot.”

Maryland Freshman Forward Bruno Fernando  

On if he’s feeling more confident offensively:

“Yeah. I would say so. I think I’m just… I just keep getting comfortable and comfortable and comfortable with the team and with the plays and everything and try to relax more on offense. Just try to facilitate the game for my teammates and make plays for them because I feel like I’m going to start seeing way more double teams from now on. So I was just trying to make better decisions with the ball instead of just rushing to a move.”

On if he thinks his passing helps the other parts of his game:

“It definitely does. When you guard somebody who can pass, you’re thinking about the two options that he has; he’s either going to score or pass the ball. The guys on the team do a great job of cutting to the rim whenever I catch the ball so that helps me too.”

On what was different about tonight:

“Personally, I think I was dialed in to the game plan and not just me, I think the whole team was dialed in on the offensive end, and that’s really what brought everything on the offensive end.”

On if the next game will have any significance as it’s the last chance to win a road game:

“I think we approach each game the same way. We’re kind of familiar, we know Northwestern, we’ve played them here at home. We know that they’re going to try to come out ready to play and try to beat us at their place. But we’re going to stick with the game plan, the coach’s plan and just go out there and play, compete every night, and just try to get a win.”

On playing against physical teams and if it allows him to be himself:

“Yeah, definitely. Most of the times, when I get into foul trouble, it’s either because I’m being too aggressive or way too physical. Playing against guys that I can always be physical and they can be physical to me as well kind of helps me just staying in the game and being more dialed in.”