Quotes: Maryland 91, Iowa 73

Maryland Athletics
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Maryland Head Coach Mark Turgeon

Opening Statement:

“Obviously I’m really proud of my team tonight. We started off a little flat, it started to look like last year’s game against Iowa, and then Dion [Wiley] came in and hit a couple of shots. I think we had three 3’s in a row. Transition got us going and I thought that our defense got better as the game wore on. A lot of guys played well for us. We got a limited in the second half so Josh Tomaic played 10 minutes in the second half. Really good minutes. I thought Anthony Cowan Jr. was terrific, we just played through him for the last 12 minutes. He was great and opened up the floor for us. A good win.”  

On getting Anthony Cowan Jr. into the game:

“I just said to my staff: ‘Our two best players have to start playing better.’ I thought they both had great second halves, Kevin [Huerter] and Anthony that is. We fed off of them. In the back of your mind you might be thinking ‘Is this too much?’ but if we played another 40 minutes Anthony could play the whole game. He’s pretty special. And I kept asking Kevin how he felt and he kept saying great. We are what we are and we have to keep those guys fresh and have them ready on gameday. When you look at Anthony’s numbers, plus how he played defense, was pretty amazing.”  

On sharing the playmaking load: “We did some iso’s for Anthony and had him run plays he knows. Last night we couldn’t run as many plays he knows. I thought where we really good tonight was our zone offense. They ran three different zones on us and we were really good in all three. We put a couple extra things in yesterday and the guys responded to them great. They had to play us man. The second half they went to zone twice and we got layups both times. So we did some really nice things against the zone. I think Anthony got most of his stuff out of the offense and a lot of people were concerned about turnovers but we’re getting better with that each and every game. Considering what we’ve been through we’re getting a lot better.”  

On success with a small lineup: “It was nice to get a little time off. We gave the guys off on Friday. It’s just a different animal. I think this team is a little younger. I thought we did a great job on Tyler Cook, he is so good. We ran a play on him and got a foul on the first possession. That was big. It’s the little things that add up over the game. Darryl [Morsell] was out there battling. Think about this: Darryl started out on the point guard and then we went small he had to guard a big guy. Pretty amazing what that guys given us. He’s got balanced energy and he has balanced toughness. For us to win like that, with the limitations we have, just shows you that a lot of guys really played well.”  

On Dion Wiley: “I feel so bad for him. I saw it yesterday in practice. He had a really good practice, he got after it. We had a great practice yesterday. I had a feeling that he was going to play well tonight. Its just so disappointing to see him get poked. So hopefully he’ll make  quick recover and he’ll be back at practice on Tuesday and he can give us minutes. We need Dion and that’s pretty obvious. I thought his minutes were great. I also thought Michal Cekovsky’s minutes in the first half were great.”  

On Kevin Huerter getting tired: “I thought Kevin’s first shot was about six inches short and I thought I’d get him a second wind. I don’t think we were playing with the energy we needed to play with. He didn’t have that bounce in his step and I think taking him out let him sit there and get his wind. I thought he was much better after that. We have a lot of confidence in Dion [Wiley] and I feel bad for him. If he just could have stayed healthy his whole career it would be really different. But hopefully this thing is quick and we’ll have him back on Thursday.”  

On importance of winning after losing to Michigan St: “It’s so hard to win. I know Michigan State lost today but they’ve only played two road games and it’s a little different on the road. I just didn’t feel like we lost by 30 points. SO the team didn’t feel like we lost by 30. So we really feel like we competed and we got into unbelievable foul trouble. And hey played for 40 minutes and so we left it there and moved on. We know our schedule. We have the hardest schedule in the league and in my mind it’s not close. So we know what lies ahead. Whenever you can get a win and get to 14-4 like we are we got better. We’re getting better in a lot of phases. Hopefully between now and Thursday I can get us better in small-ball phases.”  

On the team’s depth: “It’s why you recruit. You try to build depth. I’m not sure we have as much as I’d like after losing two guys.  If Josh is going to continue to improve that’ll help us. I think Ceko gets better every time he goes out. Bruno gets a heck of a lot more smarter every time he plays. And Darryl just loves to play. You expect Anthony and Kevin to be just who they are. Do we have some depth? Yeah. Are we building more depth? Yeah. WE have to get Jared [Nickens] to be more consistent because he’s helped us at times and we need him a bit more consistent. That’ll help us moving forward.

Freshman Forward Bruno Fernando

On his game tonight:

“It felt great. It was a great game. It was good to be out there tonight. It was a great game.”

On getting so much height on his dunks:

“I don't know how I got so high. I don't even know how I got that ball. I just jumped.”

On getting a win after losing to Michigan State:

“It was really important for us. We have been working hard in the last few days. It was a good game [at Michigan State] and a tough loss but we bounced back tonight. It feels good to get back on a winning track.”

On his relationship on the court with Michael Cekovsky:

“That is one thing we haven’t really worked on a lot. We have been working on Ceko and I being on the court at the same time only a few times. But we are doing a great job working with each other, knowing where the other one is on the court. It is always good to be on the court with him so we are working on building that relationship on the court so it benefits our team.”

Senior Center Michal Cekovsky

On Joshua Tomaic’s performance:

“I think Josh was great. I thought he was rebounding for us and he made a really big impact on both ends of the court. On defense, I think he had some huge stops and huge plays. He made some nice baskets for us. I am really proud of him and how he is developing from freshman year.”

On the importance of the bench players performing well:

“We try to always be deep. Coach said before the game ‘everyone needs to play well.’ So we are always trying to do that. Josh [Tomiac] brings another length for us and is really good for us.”

Sophomore Guard Anthony Cowan Jr.

On what the team needs to do to continue to win:

“We have to key in on practice, make sure we are still going hard, make sure we stay lifting hard and stay focused.”

On what he has learned about the team after dealing with adversity:

“We are a very hungry group. We see a lot of teams overlooking us. We feel like that. We are just going to keep fighting. We didn't really come off hard in the first half of this game or even in the second half. We just kept fighting and pushing and finally we pushed our lead out and made a big run.”