Quotes: Maryland 66, UMBC 45

Maryland Athletics
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Head Coach Mark Turgeon
Opening Statement:
“The first half was one of the worst halves my teams have ever played. I think I gave them too much time off over Christmas. We were rusty. We just talked at halftime about doing everything harder, cutting harder or running our offense harder. The second half, that was a good team that we really guarded well. That’s a team that is extremely well coached and they missed some shots for us in the first half, it could’ve been worse than six. The second half we were really good. I thought Darryl Morsell was really good all night guarding Lyles, who is a great player. I thought our big guys, specifically [Michal] Cekovsky and Bruno [Fernando] who played well all night and guarded the rim for us. We took away the three and held them to 29 percent shooting. Proud of the guys.”

On being pleased with the play in the second half:
“I was much more happy with what happened in the second half. That was the most fun I’ve had all year coaching this team. Guys were responding and we were playing crazy lineups. Dion [Wiley] was at the four and we don’t practice there very much. We’ve had a lot going on with our team and guys responded, they listened and we got better. I really enjoyed it. Am I concerned about our team? Not really. I think we know that we have a fine, small-margin for error with this team and we’ll have to rebound. We’ll get better. The second half was terrific and we’ll get better because of it.”

On recent injury woes:
“It was a tough day yesterday. We had to announce Justin [Jackson] and then Andrew [Terrell] got injured right at the end of practice so we had to stop practice. I think that carried over a little bit. If something is wrong with Ivan [Bender] we’ll figure something out. We might play Ceko and Bruno together some and go small. We’ll figure it out and the key is that we stay out of foul trouble. It makes it even harder when you get in foul trouble. I feel better about our team and there’ll be some guys that have to play 37-38 minutes per game but that’s okay.”

On Kevin Huerter:
“I told the team at halftime we have to get Kevin more shots and we got him a couple looks out of sets we were running, but we have to get him more shots. I don’t like the zero assists. He wasn’t in as many ball screens but we have to get him more shots. He has to shoot more for us to be successful, and he knows that.”

On scoring in the paint:
“We didn’t catch the ball deep enough tonight. We’ll get better and we’ve been working really hard with Ceko and Bruno scoring on the low block, but I think it was one of those nights where we never got into a rhythm. That was our whole game plan for a couple possessions, but it didn’t work out. Bruno made some nice plays in the second half when we got him closer to the rim, but he settled for a jump shot when he rolling once in the second half. We need low post scoring. We might start posting our guards more in the future.”

On positives he’s learned so far this season:
“We really try to guard and we’re a good rebounding team. That was one of the tough things about losing Justin [Jackson]. He was our leading rebounder and we’re going to miss him. We’re just a work in progress. I set up a lot of our offense for Justin so you have to change some things moving forward. I like my team and I like being around them. They listen, they practice hard and they respond well. We didn’t play the toughest non-league schedule but we were two possessions from being undefeated. They’ve done well. We need to get better and hopefully we will between now and Penn State.”

On outside perception of the Big Ten:
“I think everybody knows that the coaching in the Big Ten is good and that team’s get better. Michigan State is the class of the league and we’ve already played Purdue, who with those four seniors they can beat anybody. They’ll have a big year. I think Michigan is really good. That kid sitting out is a heck of a player. Iowa was struggling and they got the bear kid back and he’s a key piece of their team. I think the league is going to get better and I think we’re just going to get better. We’ll see, and that’s why you play the games. I like it, it’s a challenge. It’ll be interesting to see what kind of team we can become.”

Sophomore Guard Anthony Cowan   

On how he would describe the first half:

“Terrible. It was hard to watch from the bench- you know, I had two fouls. It just took a second to try to get a run. I think we had a lot better second half.”

On if the result of the first half concerning going into Big 10 Conference play:

“No, I don’t think it’s concerning. I think each game we’re going to be different. Now we just have to put this game behind us and get ready for Tuesday.”

On if it is frustrating when someone like Junior F Ivan Bender goes down:

“Yeah, definitely. It seems like- honestly, I don’t think it is something that is going to be really bad. But whenever you see someone go down, it is kind of frustrating just because of what’s been happening these last couple of weeks.”

On if the team is glad to get this part of the season over with and how much will only playing conference games from this point on help the team become the team they want to become:

“I think we are ready for conference play to start. These games we learned a lot about ourselves and I think we got a lot better. So now it’s just time to go out and do what we’re supposed to do in the conference.”

On what the cause of the offense not being able to be executed in the first half:

“I thought we were getting to the basket we just couldn’t finish. I think just have to focus in more as soon as the ball goes up and make sure that we finish plays.”

Freshman Guard Darryl Morsell  

On how it felt to be back on the court:

“It was a great feeling we just got off our Christmas break, great to get back with the guys and get back up on the court and get ready for big ten plays”

On getting to the line 8 times:

“That’s exactly what I’m trying to do, get to the paint. That’s one of my biggest strengthens getting to the paint creating contact. I’m making free throws right now, have to keep driving and attacking getting to the line.”

On creating contact and not being called for a charge:  

“I don’t think it’s really a secret it’s just an ability that I’ve had, I’ve always had it growing up. It’s just something I have I couldn’t tell you if it’s a secret or not, it’s just something I have”

On coming out slow the first half and how they woke up for second half:

“First half we did pretty good defensively but we weren’t really making shots, second half we focused on continuing to do well defensively. Finishing possession with one shot and try get out at one, second half we shot the ball better so we had more success”

On guarding Jairus Lyles:   

“He’s a good player. We watched him in films and he is very crafty he’s a great scorer, one of the best scores in the country. It was great, I like being competitive and I like matching myself up with the best offensive player on the other team”

On not having Sophomore F Justin Jackson and Junior F Ivan Bender:

“That’s something we always focused on, Justin was one of our main rebounders when he was playing but we just know as a team we all have to rebound including Anthony. When the shot goes we have to limit the team to one shot that’s one of our main focuses on defense. Coach Turgeon stresses that in practice”