Quotes: Maryland 75, Fairleigh Dickinson 50

Maryland Athletics
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Mark Turgeon  

Opening Statement:

“I was proud of my guys. We had a few starters out. Anthony [Cowan Jr.] played – he had strep throat. I think he finished up his antibiotic today. I thought he was terrific on defense. I thought he got better as the game went on, especially at the end. So we’ll have him back. The silver lining, I guess, is you’re seeing Jared Nickens get better, you’re seeing Ivan Bender get better, it’s great to see Bruno [Fernando] get extended minutes tonight. Darryl Morsell’s getting better because he’s getting time, and of course Kevin Huerter was really good. I didn’t realize he was close to a triple-double... it was so late, we were trying to put the ball in his hands and get some assists, we just weren’t very good offensively in the second half. Defensively, we tried the whole game, competed the whole game, didn’t rebound great in the second half defensively but I thought we really had a good game plan and competed. We worked hard this week. We really worked hard and I think we got better.”

On how the 24-0 run happened:

“Yeah, I think we had 11 straight stops in there during that stretch – and then we made shots. We executed but we made shots. And we were good in zone, we were good in man, we were good in everything. I didn’t realize it was 24-0 when we were going through it. Obviously that was the difference in the game. From then on, we didn’t concentrate quite as well. That was good to see. We were good in all phases during that stretch. I was really proud of the guys at halftime; I thought we lost a little bit of interest in the second half. But we continued to guard. We set a goal to hold them to 50 or less and we did it. That was good.”

On using a many bench players in the absence of starters:

“Josh [Tomaic] is getting a little more comfortable every time out there. Like I said, Jared Nickens really played well and Ivan Bender played a lot of minutes, played well. Yeah, I think everybody’s getting a little bit more comfortable. We kind of changed up during this stretch, played more of a bigger lineup just to practice it more and see if we could guard a little bit better with it. I think we’ll be in position if we can get healthy and stay healthy... that we’ll have some pretty good depth. Guys that all feel comfortable in the game.”

On if it’s difficult for Justin Jackson to miss games where he might be able to get his confidence back:

“Justin had a good week of practice. You know, just... it is what it is. I think he’s getting better, I think he’s getting more confident. We’re just fortunate that we’re able to rest him during this time. I think it’ll help us, come league play.”

Freshman Guard Kevin Huerter

On coming close to recording a triple-double:

“It was funny, individually every player on the bench told me that I was only two assists away. I think Coach Turgeon said that he was trying to run plays at the end of the game to get me in situations that I could make plays but it didn't end up working out.”

On starting this game off strong:

“I think that we had a good five days of practice and Coach was telling us that he wanted to come to this game and he wanted to be dominant. We wear Maryland across our chest and we expect to win these types of games especially at home. We played really good defense the whole game.”

On playing shorthanded:

“Coach said in the locker room after the game with the injuries that we have had and the sicknesses it has allowed us to get a lot of depth. Moving forward through the year we don't know what type of lineups we are going to have especially being on the road and getting in foul trouble. Allowing guys to get in games like this and play well and get confidence under them is good for when we play better teams.”

Senior Guard/Forward Jared Nickens

On his success from the three-point line this season:

“Putting the team first, not focusing on myself and focusing on what Coach Turgeon wants me to do. I think everyone has done that as a whole and it shows in our chemistry.”

On if he has gained more confidence this season:

“Yeah, definitely. I just credit that to the work that I have put in in the offseason and in our off time with all of the extra shots I put up.”

On this weeks practice:

“Our effort improved. We learned how to practice hard again. Defensively we locked in and focused on the little things that Coach Turgeon had been talking to us about. I felt that today we showed that. We just have to keep making strides forward.”

Junior Forward Ivan Bender

On being in the middle of the zone and how comfortable he is:

“I really loved it. They were trying to go man whenever I caught the ball in the middle, it’s unusual for the zone when they go zone but we figured it out and and we did a good job.”

On how Bruno Fernando likes playing with him & having him back in the starting lineup

“I feel like he is a big part of this team and we really like when he has energy and is ready to play. He had some problems with his ankle two weeks ago but he got healthy.”

On when they only have eight guys being able to play, does this help him get into a rhythm

“Yes, definitely especially for the guys who don’t get to play as much during the regular games when everyone is healthy. We knew during shoot around that Justin Jackson and Dion Wiley were not going to play and people needed to step up, more guys got opportunities which is great for us as a team and shows great depth of this team and we did a really good job”