Quotes: Maryland 76, Catholic 59

Maryland Athletics
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Mark Turgeon  

Opening Statement:

“I thought Catholic was terrific all night. I thought they were dialed in. I thought they were changing of zones and presses, hustling, playing harder than we played. I thought they were terrific. Just give them all the credit in tonight’s game. And they were prepared and I thought we had 10 good minutes at the start of the second half where we really played well and shared the ball and defended a little bit.”

On the opening 10 minutes:

“I can’t explain it. I just think they were much more prepared and excited to play the game than our guys were. We just didn’t guard anybody that first four minutes. Guys have got to be ready to play, they weren’t ready to play tonight.”

On Justin Jackson, Bruno Fernando and Dion Wiley’s status:

“Well, Justin’s is not serious. He’s got… [Athletic Trainer] Matt [Charvat] will have to tell you exactly what it is. He could’ve played tonight if we needed him, but we were trying to rest him and strengthen it. He hasn’t practiced for a while, can’t remember the last time he practiced. I think he played in the Ohio game and he hasn’t done anything since. So we’re just trying to strengthen it, get it back. We’ve got Christmas, we’ve got finals now where hopefully he can get that stronger and play better. Bruno probably could’ve played tonight if we needed him to. We’re giving guys the next two days off because of finals, we’ll start practicing Friday. I expect both of those guys to practice. And Dion – you guys have been following us for four years, it’s always something. It’s a cold or something – sore throat – with him. He wasn’t in the building the last two days.”

On how much the absence of injured players affects the team’s performance:

“It didn’t affect us the other night, against a better team. But I think the zone offense, we couldn’t put great zone offense lineups out there as much. And I’m trying to play guys, let guys play a little bit. So that’s really the only way it hampered us, if it did at all. And then, we’re just not the same rebounding without Bruno and Justin. I mean, that’s pretty obvious.”

On playing Reese Mona in the first half:

“It was next guy up. I think he’s the next player in line. I looked down the bench and Darryl [Morsell] had two [fouls]. Looked down there, you’ve got a guy with two fouls. Reese is a good player. Reese was recruited at a pretty high level. He could’ve maybe played at an Ivy League school or something. Reese is a good player and I knew he’d play hard, but he was just the next guy up, we were running out of bodies.”

On playing Anthony Cowan Jr. 37 minutes despite wanting to get his minutes down:

“We took Sunday off, we went for an hour yesterday so they can study, we get the next two days off, it was a zone. Wasn’t that hard to play against. It wasn’t physically demanding for him. So, no. I should’ve played him 40, that’s what I should’ve done, but I took him out for a little bit.”

Sophomore G Anthony Cowan Jr.  

On how important was Freshman G Reese Mona was today:

“Super important,  that’s Reese every day in practice. It was fun to see him come out and do it in the game he is an energized bunny never stops always do the little things it was important for him to come and bring a little bit of energy”

On playing with Reese since high school:

“That’s a lot of fun I always like playing with think we know each other tendencies a little bit just cause we’ve been playing with each other so long”

On the energy in the first ten minutes of the game:

“A lot of people don’t understand how hard it is to play these games but um that not an excuse, we have to always come out. Coach always says if we want to be a championship team we always have to play like a championship team not just certain games, that’s on us we have to take care of that.”

On improvement on energy coming into the game:

“Yeah that. I think we still need to get better at rebounding...clearly just take care of turnovers.”

On coming out alone for pregame warmups:

“So, our thing is now for these types of way to get jumpy and try to get ready... we still didn’t come out with enough energy so next time I guess we have to find something else better to do.”

On the three guys being out tonight:

“Super important Justin and Bruno our rebounding goes down a little. With Dion, out we need another person to make shots and make plays so we definitely need those three back so hopefully the can get back and get back healthy.”

Junior G/F Jared Nickens

On going 4-6 tonight from deep:

“It feels good shows all the work I put in throughout off season and just staying consistent throughout practice.”

On Head Coach Mark Turgeon seeming agitated on performance in first half

“We didn’t come ready to play the first four minutes of the game we weren’t defending. We did a better job of that in that in the second half, but that’s one of our weaknesses we just have to come out and respect our opponent and be ready to play. He kind of told us that at half time and we kind played better.”

On any other adjustments at half time:

“It was just attitude and effort and we had to play harder and play better and we did that.”

On difficulty on preparing for Division 3 opponent, not having a lot of fans and break coming up:

“A little bit a little bit I mean it just something we have to work on like I said we can’t sleep on any of our opponents we just have to be ready to play.”