Maryland Athletics to Expand Use of PhysiMax Athletic Movement Assessment Platform

Maryland Athletics
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COLLEGE PARK, Md. — PhysiMax, a ground-breaking sports technology company, and the University of Maryland Athletics department, announced today thatPhysiMax's movement assessment technology will be widely introduced across the University's athletic department. The wider rollout follows a successful pilot program during the 2015-17 seasons, during which Maryland's basketball, field hockey, soccer, and volleyball teams used the PhysiMax technology.  Additionally, PhysiMax will work with the University of Maryland to roll out a community pilot program for high-school athletes.

“Our commitment to both developing our athletes as well as keeping them safe has led us to place a greater reliance on technology and data analytics and PhysiMax has proven to be a reliable and important partner for our programs,” said Associate Athletic Director/Sports Performance Dr. David Klossner. “I am excited to expand the use of PhysiMax across the University's athletic teams, extending our ability to harness the latest evidence-based knowledge into practice for the benefit of our students and student-athletes.”

By using PhysiMax's technology multiple times over the course of the year, Maryland's athletic trainers are able to keep a close watch on their athletes' physical fitness and musculoskeletal strength, mobility and jumping technique. Coaches can easily adjust their regimens and practice plans based on each athlete's scoringassessments, turning an athletes' particular weaknesses into strengths.

“Our technology is extremely simple to adopt, allowing athletic staff  to accurately monitor, compare and fine tune training programs, increasing each player's athletic capacity and participation,” said PhysiMax CEO Ram Shalev. “We are excited to extend our partnership with the superb staff of University of Maryland, led by Dr. David Klossner.

PhysiMax delivers a powerful online service with real-time athletic movement measurement and scoring to maximize athletic performance development, minimizenon-contact injury rates and ensure quick and safe return to play. It monitors athletes' musculoskeletal performance during seasonal load by providing instant objective data reports to the performance staff.


About PhysiMax

PhysiMax is a pioneering sports technology company. The PhysiMax cloud-based service reliably scores an athlete's risk of injury and athletic performance, providing essential input for refining athletic training workouts. This unique, validated, marker-less visual and machine learning technology gives sports staff in-depth analytics to closely monitor athletes' health. PhysiMax was evaluated and scientifically validated by top U.S. academic institutions including: The University of North Carolina, The University of Connecticut and the U.S. Military Academy at West Point.  For more information, visit: