Tumble Talk: Jessie Black

Maryland Athletics
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Hey Terp Fans!

The GymTerps are back in College Park after having been on the road the last couple meets. A snowy day last Monday did not stop us from posting a big score at George Washington. We didn’t let the unusual circumstances get in the way of showing off our routines! Then the following Friday we had two huge wins against Pitt and UNC!! Although we had some sicknesses, we stuck together as a team, built off each other’s routines, and had fun! It’s always nice to bring home some wins!
After having the weekend off to relax, rest our bodies, and catch up schoolwork, the GymTerps are eager to get back in the gym this week and perfect the little things. Our goal is to pick up tenths wherever possible to improve our scores!
Mark your calendars because this Sunday at 2:00pm will be our Senior Meet and our last home meet of the season. Being a senior, I am excited for this meet! Although it is the last time the seniors will be competing in the Comcast Center, I cannot wait to get out there with my team and compete with our hearts! It is going to be a special night!

Thanks for reading and see you all on Sunday in Comcast!