The Changeover: Kristina Hovsepyan

Maryland Athletics
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After our tough weekend in Florida, we were ready to get back to College Park and work hard. After getting back very late, we all enjoyed our needed day off. We only had two days of practice before leaving for Pittsburgh so we had to make the most out of them. After hours on the court and several team meetings we were ready to go. Thursday morning we packed up the minivans and began the trip.

The drive to Pittsburgh was about four hours so we knew we were going to have to entertain ourselves for a while. Both vans came up with games to play. In the van I was in we played a game where one person would say a word and the next person would have to say a word that started with the last letter of the last word. Needless to say it got very competitive, but ended with Dasha and I coming to a truce because we couldn’t think of any more words. Oh, and all the words had to be related to college. This kept us busy until we got there, and then it was time for practice. We all started off with our normal warm ups and then some of us started working on some doubles while the others played singles points.

We went straight to the hotel after practice to drop our stuff off and change before going to dinner. We all had schoolwork to do so we settled for the restaurant at the hotel. The food was pretty good, aside from the fact that Liv’s burger bun was rock hard, and the waitress got a little confused with everyone’s orders, but that’s the usual for our team. We were all happy we’d be able to sleep in a bit because we weren’t playing until 2 o’clock the next day. The next morning we had breakfast, got our stuff together and headed to the courts for warm up. We went through the usual warm up and then at the end Gina added some doubles drills. We were all pumped to get started.

We started strong in doubles with Welma and I getting the first win, then Tali and Olga followed, and Liv and Alex had to stop their match before it finished. There were definitely some improvements in our doubles play and we felt good going into singles. Everyone had more of a fight in them and everyone was playing tough. I liked that all the courts were in one row because you could see all your teammates when your playing and I think that helped us feed energy off of each other. We ended up beating Pitt 5-2, winning four of the six singles matches. Again, we were all able to see some improvements in our matches. And then it was time to do the journey back home. The drive home was a lot calmer, in our van we just talked and listened to music, no games because everyone was pretty tired.

We had our usual Saturday practice, working on things we wanted to improve upon from the day before. After a good hit we went to treatment, and then had a team dinner at Noodles at night. We went home and got ready for the next day. We had a team breakfast and then headed to the courts for our match again Virginia Tech. It was our pride match so the bleachers were full.

Continuing with the momentum from the Pitt match, we started doubles off very strong. The twins came out with a strong win, but Alex and Liv struggled a little. We were 1-1 when Welma and I clinched the doubles point in a tiebreaker, with the most epic match point. After getting the doubles point we felt confident going into singles but I think we relaxed a little too much because we didn’t bring the same energy. We lost to Virginia Tech 2-5 but even with the loss there were improvements that were noticeable. We have a week of practice to make adjustments before heading to Virginia to play UVA next Saturday, which we are all looking forward to.

Let’s Go Terps!

Kristina Hovsepyan