Tumble Talk: Kathy Tang

Maryland Athletics
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Hey Terpies!

The gym terps have had a pretty crazy week this week! We just came off a big win at our PRIDE meet last Friday and were training hard to be back on the road again. We had our first travel meet in 3 weeks this past weekend!

We got right back to practice on Sunday, fixing up little things here and there on every event to save as many tenths as much as we can. Tuesday and Wednesday were team event days again. To keep things fun, we had a games in the gym. On bars we did a hang man game where every stick we got on bars gave us a letter to fill in the blank on the board.

Thursday we took a 5-hour bus trip down to North Carolina for a quad meet. On Friday we really let it shine. We got ourselves into a lot of tricky situations, but we never let it affect our performances. It’s amazing being on team that sticks together through thick and thin. We were able to get us out it and posted our season high scores on the road!

On Monday March 3rd we have yet another meet at George Washington. No days off for the Terps! Come out and support your Maryland Terrapins! We are ready to kick some butt and really show these people what we are made of! LETS GO TERPS!

Stay tuned for results!

Kathy Tang