The Changeover: Olga Gaistruk

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It was certainly not an easy weekend for the tennis Terps. We left on early Thursday morning and headed to Florida. We were ready to face two really good ACC teams, Miami and Florida State University. The weather wasn’t really “supportive” to us in College Park the week before, it was snowing, which prevented us from practicing outdoors. For most of my teammates it was their first ACC match, so we were all a little nervous, but very excited. Miami greeted us with its usual hot and humid weather, which I personally really like to play in.

On our match day the weather was unbelievably hot (at least it felt like this after College Park). Sure thing most of us thought our skin can handle anything, just like Terps can in general. Terps don’t need sunscreen, do they?  We got really burned, so even though the match against Miami turned out to be a hard loss for us we still looked patriotically red and proud during our team dinner. 

After Miami we had to take a plane to Tallahassee, and the plane turned out to be very small. That caused a lot of turbulence, which made our coach Dasha, who just “adores” flying “enjoy” the flight so much. The fact that it was a first real flight for the pilot who was behind the wheel, made her even more “happy”.

The day that we spend in Tallahassee was probably one of the funniest days that we ever had on the road. I am not sure if my writing skills will allow me to explain how funny some of things that happened on Saturday. I will try to tell about some of them.

When we arrived at Tallahassee airport, the first thing that we needed to do was to get our rental cars. So we split up in two groups. One group went with our assistant coach Gina and the other one with our head coach Dasha. The group who went with Dasha just could not find our car and had to walk around the parking lot with our heavy bags for quite a long time. Finally when we found the minivan that looked like ours, it happened to have its back seats down. Three of us got inside of the car trying so hard to put the seats up. After several minutes thanks to our teamwork we finally fixed those seats. At the same time Olivia went to check out the front seat. Nobody expected this turn of events, but she found somebody else’s stuff and trash. It took us around seven minutes to figure out that this was not our rental car. We were really lucky that nobody was watching us. It was very awkward, but so hilarious.

 Then after practicing and moving into the hotel we headed to Olive Garden for a team dinner. We were having peaceful and cozy dinner, enjoying our usual talks about people getting infected by spider bites, a little bit about politics, tennis and of course our favorite topic, food. Nothing seemed to be going different until our waiter started cleaning our table. Apparently he was not very happy with the amount of requests that we had for him, or he just thought that our table looked boring so he decided to shake things up. Whatever he had on his mind, he smacked our head coach on the head with a huge plate. There were three long seconds of silence at our table. When Dasha brought her head up we saw a smile on her face. That’s when we all erupted in laughter.  The funny part was that the waiter couldn’t even say sorry because he was holding his laugh so hard. Dasha even wanted play a prank on him pretending that she got a loss of memory, asking our waiter at the end of the dinner if we could start ordering drinks and appetizers. I found it pretty funny.  In the end,  Dasha got her meal for free because of that. Way to save money coach! :)

The match against Florida State didn’t go very well for Terps either. The good part is that we were able to make the right corrections after the match and the weekend in general.  I hope they are going to work for us in the future. Tennis wise we are not even slightly worst then them. It’s just we need to gain some confidence, be tougher and get what we own. And I know we will.

Let’s Go Terps

Olga Gaistruk