Tumble Talk: Haley Jones

Maryland Athletics
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Hey Terp fans!

Last week was a pretty standard week in the gym. After coming back from a loss at UNC the GymTerps were ready to get back in the gym and work our hardest to get better and stronger.

On Monday we started off the week with a solid practice, working on our confidence and focus. We concentrated practicing these things mostly on beam. Our beam coach Erinn sat down all the beam competitors and gave them tips on building their confidence on this event. We learned that confidence is very important and an extremely essential characteristic to doing well on not only beam but on every apparatus.

We had the day to rest on Tuesday and on Wednesday we were back in the gym ready to prepare for our meet at the University of New Hampshire. With our confidence levels up we were ready to hit our team events! We started Wednesday with Bars and hit our first six routines and were looking extra solid! We continued this momentum on floor where we also hit six for six!

Thursday we continued the week with Vault and Beam team events. We hit all of our vaults and almost all of our beam routines. We felt ready and prepared for the meet! Friday was our travel day; we flew to New Hampshire and got ready to compete the next morning. Although the meet didn’t turn out the way we wanted, we still had a lot of high points that we can take away from the competition. We hit all of our routines on Vault, Bars and Floor!

Going into our home meet we are going to prepare to fix what we need to fix and go in to the meet strong and confident! Don’t forget to come out next Monday February 10th to watch the GymTerps take on Pitt, GW and Towson!

Hope everyone has a great week!