Tumble Talk: Nikki Dragon

Maryland Athletics
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Hey Terp Fans!

We are just coming off a very exciting win against West Virginia at our home opener of the 2014 season! It was amazing being out on the Comcast floor performing for a home crowd. The team had so much fight in them this weekend and it really showed.

All weeklong, we really focused on hard work and doing gymnastics from our hearts. We kept each other motivated and had a great week of practice to prepare us for the meet on Friday night. Our hard work paid off when we clinched the meet during the final rotation on floor. After these first two meets the team has learned an important lesson, to never give up and keep fighting until the very end.

We hosted a pre meet party where our Terp fans could come and watch the Gymterps warm up before the meet. The girls got Maryland face paint, made signs for the meet, and even got some official Maryland Gymnastics gear as prizes. Some of the Gymterps and I went upstairs to introduce ourselves to our fans and they were amazing! They were all so excited to be cheering us on and we hope they all come back to the next home meet on February 10th. The little girls in the front row are what helped us win the meet and make the night so special! A big shout out to everyone who came out to support us!

Since school is not in session, the Gymterps had some extra time this week. Some of the girls went to Paint Branch Elementary School and read to the kids there. It’s so rewarding to hear these little kids say how much they look up to us.

The Terps are back in the gym on Sunday for a lift and then practicing all week long to dominate against UNC on Sunday. Make sure you watch us competing online from the video stream!

Thanks for reading Terp Fans!

Love, Dragon