Tumble Talk: Katy Dodds

Maryland Athletics
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Hey Terp Fans!


Season is underway and the Terps are ready for an exciting season. We have been back at school the past couple of weeks preparing for the 2014 season. With school not in session, although a few girls are taking just one class, we have really been able to focus on only gymnastics and do some fun things as a team. We have had a few team dinners and activities to entertain us until the rest of the students get back to school in two weeks.

We started off our season at Central Michigan this past weekend and although the meet did not go as well as we hoped, we learned a lot that we will take forward. We came into the gym hungry on Sunday ready to fight back to destroy West Virginia this weekend. I kind of feel bad for them because we are coming with vengeance… but not really because its West Virginia. As a team, we all came together and wrote down what we did not like that happened this past weekend at Central Michigan and then tore up each piece of paper and threw it away. We did this to recognize the mistakes and negatives that happened, but then to throw them away and let it go to shift our focus on the upcoming meet this weekend and that meet only. After we threw away the negative, we each wrote a positive that we are going to do in the gym this week and hung them on the wall in the gym as a reminder. Then, we were ready to go to work and we did just that!

Make sure you all come out to the Comcast Center this Friday night at 7pm for our season home opener as we take on the West Virginia Mountaineers! You won’t want to miss this meet.

Thanks for reading Terp Fans!