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University of Maryland Athletics Mission Statement

We educate, develop, and serve student-athletes through a culture of academic and athletic excellence.

Our vision is to be the best intercollegiate athletics program while producing graduates who are prepared to serve as leaders in the local, state, and global communities.

Strength and Conditioning Department Vision and Mission

To be recognized as a first-class sports performance program that is defined by scientific principles and taught through real-life application.

We aim to provide a positive work environment to allow each student athlete the opportunity to be successful.

We are committed to principles of ethical conduct, integrity, and excellence, which will prepare the student-athlete for personal growth both during and beyond the competitive years of collegiate athletics. We will prepare a safe and comprehensive training environment to include, but not limited to, increasing sports performance, reducing the potential risk of injury, and education about proper nutritional lifestyles.


Maryland Strength and Conditioning aims to enhance athletic performance by addressing the general physical preparatory needs of the athlete as it relates to his/her sport. We accomplish this through a multifaceted approach focused on the development of strength and power, energy systems, and injury prevention.

Strength and Power

Ground-based, multi-joint, free weight exercises are used to improve strength and power. We utilize scientifically proven methods to develop training programs throughout the year, drawing from weightlifting, powerlifting, strongman, and other disciplines to construct a program that most benefits each sport and athlete individually.

Energy Systems

Duration of play, work to rest ratios, and movement intensity are assessed to create a comprehensive conditioning plan most suitable to the demands of each sport. Various means, including footwork and agility drills, speed work, interval training, tempo runs, and other sport specific modalities are incorporated to best prepare athletes for competition.

Injury Prevention and Rehab

Through analysis of the sport and athlete, the strength and conditioning coach inputs specific “prehab” exercises in the training program. These exercises focus on strengthening areas of the body that are commonly injured in a specific sport. By improving strength or flexibility in muscles that are weak, tight, or overused many injuries can be avoided before they happen.

Should an athlete suffer an injury the strength and conditioning staff will coordinate with the sports medicine staff to develop a plan to maintain strength, power, and conditioning levels as much as possible while working around the injured area.