Tumble Talk: Stephanie Giameo

Maryland Athletics
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Hi Terp Fans!!!

We've just completed another GREAT week of bootcamp!  Since we have been fighting through each day of preseason, it is clear that everyone is getting stronger and better, one day at a time!  

Now that our assignments are increasing, the coaches decided to throw in a little fun. On Thursday and Friday, some of our assignments included contests, which called for some good competition in the gym!  Shout-out to Sarah for 26 sticks in a row off the vault horse, and Karen and Emily Rae for doing their fulls onto the red mat!  On Friday, we also had our first "Fruitbomb Friday" of the season!  Fruitbomb Friday is simple: do something great in the gym and you will get a fruit snack thrown at you in return!  All of these contests are great because they give us a little taste of the excitement and energy that goes on during season!

Terps ended the week off with a HUGE WIN at M&T Bank Stadium in Baltimore.  Because it was our Maryland Pride football game, our team unveiled their limited edition hand-painted pride helmets!  Despite the pouring rain, the Terps shutout WVU 37-0!  It was even more exciting for me because my parents were there as well!  It is always a blessing to be able to spend time with them, and it could not have been more perfect that they picked an awesome game to come to!  

Finally, this is a big week for us Gym Terps because it is WEEK 3 of bootcamp!  Next week we are off from bootcamp, which means that we will be pushing our hardest and making the best of everyday this week!  Within these first two weeks we have already learned how to rise to every challenge and take every opportunity to get make us better as a team!  This team is special; it gives me the chills to think about how much all of our hard work will be paying off during season!

Thank you for reading and stay tuned in for next week's Tumble Talk!

Stephy :)