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Len Bias was inducted into the University of Maryland Athletics Hall of Fame in 2014.

The Athletic Hall of Fame was founded in 1982 by the M Club Foundation as a joint project with the Athletic Department. The founding Selection Committee members were then Athletic Director Dick Dull; coaches Bill Campbell, Jack Faber, Al Heagy, Jim Kehoe, Sully Krouse and Doyle Royal; letter-winners Bosey Berger and Jack Scarbath; Alumni representative Art Kramer; and Sports Information Director Jack Zane.

The first Induction Ceremony took place in December 1982 at the M Club's 35th Annual Sports Awards Banquet. The charter class of inductees included Bosey Berger, Curley Byrd, Arthur Cook, Geary Eppley, Billy Guckeyson, Charlie Keller, and Burt Shipley. Baseball's Hall of Famer, Brooks Robinson, was the recipient of our Distinguished Citizen Award.

The Hall of Fame pays tribute to those superior Terp athletes, coaches and administrators who have made major contributions to the honor and fame of the University, and have continued to demonstrate the positive values learned through competing in intercollegiate sports. This award is the highest honor the University can bestow on former athletes.

1982 Inductees
* Louis W. Berger '32, Football, Basketball, Baseball
* Joseph C. Burger '25, Football, Basketball, Lacrosse
* Harry C. Byrd '08, Football, Track, Baseball Coach
Arthur E. Cook, Rifle (Olympic Champion)
* Geary F. Eppley '21, Football, Track, Coach
* John W. Guckeyson '36, Football, Basketball, Track, Baseball
Charles E. Keller '37, Basketball, Baseball
* Frederick C. Linkous '28, Football, Basketball, Lacrosse
* Charles L. Mackert '21, Football, Coach
* James G. Mead '39, Football, Lacrosse
* Julius J. Radice '30, Football, Basketball, Baseball
* H. Burton Shipley '14, Football, Basketball, Baseball, Coach
* William C. Supplee '26, Football, Basketball, Track

1983 Inductees
* George V. Chalmers '32, Football, Basketball, Baseball
* William W. Evans '30, Football, Basketball, Lacrosse
John E. Faber, Jr '26, Basketball, Lacrosse, Coach
Norwood S. Sothoron '35, Football, Basketball, Baseball, Lacrosse

1984 Inductees
* Caleb Bailey '22, Football, Baseball
* Brooke Brewer '22, Football, Track
John F. Christhilf '36, Lacrosse
William W. Cobey '30, Director of Athletics
* Joseph H. Deckman '31, Lacrosse, Football
* Charles F. Ellinger '37, Football, Lacrosse
Albert B. Heagy '30, Football, Basketball, Lacrosse, Coach
Frederick M. Hewitt '36, Football, Lacrosse
John F. Kelly '37, Lacrosse
* Ivan M. Marty '24, Lacrosse
* William G. Morris '13, Football, Baseball
John C. Norris '32, Football, Basketball, Lacrosse
* Edwin E. Powell '13, Lacrosse
* Gordon S. Pugh '32, Lacrosse
Jack C. Scarbath '52, Football, Lacrosse
* Gerald Snyder '29, Football, Lacrosse
* James M. Tatum, Football Coach
Reginald Van Trump Truitt '14, Lacrosse, Coach
Robert Ward '52, Football, Coach
Albert W. Woods '33, Football, Coach

1985 Inductees
Frank H. Cronin '39, Track, Boxing, Coach
John F. Hough '25, Football, Lacrosse
* Thomas J. McQuade '24, Football, Lacrosse
Pershing L. Mondorff '41, Football, Baseball, Basketball, Soccer
* Kenneth T. Knode '16, Football, Baseball
* Harry Edwin Semler '22, Football, Baseball 

1986 Inductees
Ben Alperstein '36, Boxing
Francis A. Buscher '34, Football, Basketball, Baseball
James R. Kappler '57, Lacrosse
James H. Kehoe, Jr. '40, Track Coach, Athletic Director
* Jessee J. Krajovic '31, Football, Track
John W. Zane '60, Sports Information Director

1987 Inductees
Thomas M. Fields '41, Track
William E. Krouse '41, Football, Wrestling, Coach
Thomas A. Mont '47, Football, Basketball, Lacrosse, Coach
* George W. Knepley '39, Basketball, Baseball
* Howard V. Keene '21, Baseball
Charles E. Wicker '56, Lacrosse, Soccer

1988 Inductees
Clayton A. Beardmore '62, Men's Lacrosse, Coach
Bernard J. Faloney '53, Football, Baseball
John D. Gilmore, Jr. '43, Football, Track, Basketball, Boxing
Herman A. Millikan, Basketball Coach
Raymond J. Poppelman '33, Football, Lacrosse
Doyle P. Royal '43, Tennis, Soccer, Coach
* Victor G. Willis '37, Football, Basketball, Basebal

1989 Inductees
William R. Campbell, Swimming Coach
Ernest Fischer '54, Wrestling
James H. Keating '57, Lacrosse
Edward Ronkin '32, Basketball
John W. Simmons '56, Lacrosse

1990 Inductees
Hotsy Alperstein '43, Boxing
Ernest J. Betz '58, Men's Lacrosse
John C. "Jack" Heim '67, Men's Lacrosse
Charles A. May '31, Men's Basketball, Football, Lacrosse
* Edward M. Minion '38, Football, Lacrosse
Milton M. Mulitz '40, Men's Basketball, Lacrosse
* Myron B. Stevens '27, Men's Basketball, Baseball, Football

1991 Inductees
John B. Flynn '46, Basketball, Baseball
Stan Jones '53, Football
Alan E. Lowe '67, Lacrosse
Richard M. Moran '60, Lacrosse
Edward P. Rieder '49, Boxing, Soccer
Gene Shue '54, Basketball
* Robert Smith '42, Football, Baseball

1992 Inductees
Richard Modzelewski '53, Football
Vince Palumbo '55, Boxing
James H. Belt '51, Soccer
G. Irene Knox '34, Rifle
Raymond Krouse '50, Football

1994 Inductees
Chester Hanulak '54, Football
William Hubbell '52, Lacrosse
Mike Sandusky '57, Football
Alfred "Duke" Wyre '47-67, Head Trainer
Robert James '47, Athletic Director, ACC Commissioner, 3 Sport Letter Winner

1995 Inductees
Tom Brown '62, Football, Baseball
Tom McMillen '74, Basketball
Dr. Sue Tyler, Coach, Administrator
Frank Urso '76, Lacrosse
Randy White '74, Football
* Earl Widmyer '35, Track, Football

1996 Inductees
Frank Costello '68, Track, Coach
John Lucas '74, Basketball, Tennis
Bob Pellegrini '56, Football
* Margaret Mitchell '30, Rifle

1997 Inductees
Micheal Cole '66 Track
Gary Collins ' 61 Football
Len Elmore ' 74 Basketball
Robert Kopnisky ' 65 Wrestling
Douglas Schreiber '73 Lacrosse

1998 Inductees
John Belitza '63 Track
Tara Heiss '78 Basketball
Gobel Kline '69 Wrestling
Douglas Radebaugh '75 Lacrosse
Renaldo Nehemiah '81 Track
* Stanford Lavine '50 Football/Team Doctor

1999 Inductees
Richard Corrigan '58 Lacrosse
Richard Drescher '70 Basketball/Track and Field
Garry Garber '55 Boxing
Paula Girven-Pittman '80 Track and Field
Gary Williams '68 Basketball/Coach

2000 Inductees
John Baker '71 Track
Vicky Bullett '89 Basketball
Jerry Claiborne '72-'81 Football Coach
Mike Farrell '76 Lacrosse
Kevin Glover '85 Football
Bill Larash '52 Lacrosse
Dick Shiner '63 Football
Roy Skinner '58 Lacrosse, Soccer

2001 Inductees
Deane Beaman '60 Golf
Nick Kovalakides '61 Track & Field
Andy McDonald '58 Soccer & Baseball
Alice Orton '30 Rifle
Sam Silber '35 Lacrosse
Kim Turner '88 Field Hockey
Buck Williams '81 Basketball

2002 Inductees
Charles G. "Lefty" Driesell 70'-86' Basketball Coach
Dick Edell '84-'01 Lacrosse Coach
Gene Hiser '71 Baseball
Albert King '81 Basketball
Ed Modzelewski '51 Football 
Jasmina Perazic '83 Basketball

2003 Inductees
Ray Altman '63, Men's Lacrosse
Norman "Boomer" Esiason '83, Football
Chris Stauffer '63, Men's Track & Field
Rosalind Taylor Sheppard '89, Women's Track & Field
Chris Weller '76-'02, Women's Basketball Coach
Tom Young '58, Men's Basketball

2004 Inductees
Elton Jackson '61-'90, Baseball Coach
Laura LeMier '81, Field Hockey, Lacrosse
J.D. Maarleveld '85, Football
Dorothy McKnight '64-'76, Coach, Administrator
Gregory Robertson '80, Track & Field
William Walker '54, Football, Baseball

2005 Inductees
Joe F. Blair '50-'62, '83-'95 Sports Information
Tom Cosgrove, Jr. '52 Football
Paul McNeil '42 Wrestling
Deanna Tate '89 Basketball
Jessica Wilk '90 Field Hockey
Walt Williams '92 Basketball

2006 Inductees
Lisa Buente '90 field hockey
Howie Dare '57 baseball,football
Nick Davis '58 basketball
Christy Winters '90 basketball
Mike Thearle '73 lacrosse
Deborah Yow '94-'10, Director of Athletics

2007 Inductees
Phil Denkevitz '65 Men's Swimming
Fred Funk '80, Men's Golf
Jack Heise '47, Meritorious Service
Robert Kessler '56 Men's Basketball
John McHugh '59, Wrestling
Carin Peterson '88 Field Hockey & Women's Lacrosse
Buddy Williamson '71 Track & Field 

2008 Inductees
Kelly Amonte-Hiller '96 Lacrosse and Soccer
Keith Booth '97 Basketball
Kim Chorosiewski '87 Field Hockey and Lacrosse
David Diehl '63 Administrator
Brian Dougherty '96 Lacrosse
Darryl Hill '64 Football
Hon. Thomas V. "Mike" Miller, Meritorious Service

2009 Inductees
Desmond Armstrong '84 Men's Soccer
Dale Castro '79 Football
Conrad Hemphill '54 Baseball
Johnny Holiday Meritorious Service
Katie Kauffman-Beach '96 Field Hockey
Missy Meharg '88-Present, Field Hockey Coach
Rennie Smith '55 Men's Lacrosse

2010 Inductees
Leo Cullen '98 Men's Soccer
Christine DeBow Mitchell '97 Field Hockey
Laura Harmon '95 Women's Lacrosse & Field Hockey
Marchelle Payne-Gassaway '94 Women's Track & Field
Eric Wilson '85 Football
Pete Worstell '81 Men's Lacrosse

2012 Inductees
Jen Adams '01 Women's Lacrosse
Tom Bradley '72 Baseball
Juan Dixon '02 Men's Basketball
Sarah Forbes '97 Women's Lacrosse
Leonard Rodman, Meritorious Service '43
Carla Tagliente '01 Field Hockey
Cindy Timchal '91 - '06 Women's Lacrosse Head Coach
Paul Vellano '73 Football

2014 Inductees
Len Bias, '86, Men's Basketball
Bob Boneillo, '80, Men's Lacrosse
Edward Cooke, '59, Football & Men's Track & Field
Maureen "Bean" Scott Dupcak, '94 Field Hockey & Women's Lacrosse
Alex Kahoe, '00, Women's Lacrosse
Debbie Lytle, '83 Women's Basketball
Sandy Worth, '73-present, Athletic Trainer
Charlie Wysocki, '82, Football

2016 Inductees
Allan J. Bunge, '60, Men's Basketball
Curt Callahan, '70, Coach, Administrator, Athlete
E.J. Henderson, '02, Football
Robert Ott, '79, Men's Lacrosse
Marcia Richardson, '84, Women's Basketball
Kelly Shipman, '99, Softball
Ron Squiers, '64, Men's Swimming & Diving
Marita Walton, '83, Women's Track & Field
Kay Ruffino Ward, '85, Women's Field Hockey & Lacrosse

* - Inducted posthumously


The Selection Committee consists of thirteen members, including five permanent members: the Athletics Director or designee, the Athletics Council Chair, and the M Club's President, Executive Director and Historian as well as eight at-large members (four selected by the Athletics Director and four selected by the M Club). All members must have a strong understanding of Terps athletics. They must meet annually to elect a maximum of six (6) inductees. Anyone may propose candidates using forms provided by the M Club.


Section 1. Athletes
A. Shall not be considered for recognition for at least ten (10) years after graduation or completion of their eligibility.
B. Must have earned a minimum of one (1) varsity "M" letter.
C. Qualification shall be based primarily on their superior athletic achievements as a student which brought considerable fame to the University and the individual. Other considerations shall include athletic accomplishments after leaving the University.
D. Senior Category. Eligible candidates who may have been overlooked and completed their collegiate careers at least forty (40) years prior to the current year. No more than one (1) can be induced annually.

Section 2. Coaches
A. Maryland's head coach for at least ten (10) years.
B. A nationally recognized coach who has made a profound impact on the athletic program.
C. Must not have had a stronger claim with another University.
D. No active coach may be inducted.
E. Requirements A and D may be waived under unusual circumstances by a majority vote of the Election Committee.

Section 3. Athletic Department Administrators
A. Shall have served at Maryland for at least fifteen (15) years.
B. Must have had nationally recognized administrative ability and brought distinction and honor to the University.
C. Must not have had a stronger claim with another University.
D. No active administrator may be inducted.
E. Requirements A and D may be waived under unusual circumstances by a majority vote of the Election Committee.

Section 4. Other Requirements for All Categories
A. Election shall be based on athletic merit only, and never for other reasons.
B. Nominees must have good character and reputation, and not have been a source of embarrassment in any way to the University.
C. National Hall of Fame inductees must have a stronger claim with their Maryland experience in order to be considered for election.
D. Annually, a maximum of six (6) members from the nominees list shall be elected by a simple majority of the votes cast. Election Committee members must be present to vote.
E. Attendance is required by all living recipients to receive the award, unless there are unusual circumstances preventing it.

Forms are available by writing to the M Club at 2707 Terrapin Trail, Comcast Center, College Park, MD 20742, or by downloading the PDF version of the at this link