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Note: all telephone numbers 301 area.

Staff Directory

Athletic Director                                    Deborah A. Yow        314-7075 
Executive Administrative Assistant                   Joyce Taylor          314-7075 
Executive Assistant to the Athletic Director         David Gonzalez        314-7171 
Senior Assoc. Athletic Director/Internal Operations  Rob Mullens           314-7046 
Administrative Assistant                             Vicki Spinelli        314-8678 
Associate Athletic Director/Internal Operations      Kathleen Worthington  314-7078 
Assistant Director of Marketing and Championships    Sue Doran             314-7162 
Director of Personnel Services                       Lisa Lepore           314-1967 
Asst. AD/Academic Support & Career Development       Demetrius Marlowe     314-7040 
Associate Dir. for Academic Support & Career Dev.    Karen Schiferl        314-7039 
Asst. Director for Academic Support & Career Dev.    Heather Arianna       314-7037 
Asst. Director for Academic Support & Career Dev.    Donald Pearman        314-7042 
Academic Counselor for Acad. Support & Career Dev.   Anton Goff            314-7038 
Asst. Acad. Counselor for Acad. Support & Career Dev Ryan Rezzelle         314-9291 
Academic Support Coordinator                         Kathy Fontaine        314-9662 
Assoc. Athletic Director/External Operations         Joe Hull              314-7035 
Administrative Assistant                             Helen Pickett         314-7035 
Director of Major Gifts                              Greg Manning          314-7014 
Director of Advancement Projects                     Cheryl Harrison       405-0729 
Director of M Club                                   David Diehl           314-5372 
Administrative Assistant                             Dotti Warren          314-7020 
Executive Director of Terrapin Club                  Andrew Plenn          314-7019 
Assistant Director of Terrapin Club                  Julie Potter          314-7077 
Gift Processor                                       Wendy Wong            314-7032 
Development Assistant                                Israel Gersten        314-8626 
Administrative Assistant                             Dana Delaney          314-7020 
Business Manager                                     Lisa Peterson         314-7048 
Assistant Business Manager                           Will Daly             405-0572 
Systems Analyst                                      Lisa Packett          314-7049 
Office Supervisor                                    Phyllis Wallace       314-7050 
Payroll Coordinator                                  Karen White           314-9532 
Administrative Assistant                             Lori Panko            314-9214 
Asst. Athletic Director/Compliance/SWA               Jane Mullens          314-7258 
Assistant Compliance Coordinator                     Amy Skarbek           314-7081 
Marketing Director                                   Rich McGill           314-7072 
Assistant Marketing Director                         Wendy McReynolds      314-5252 
Assistant Marketing Director                         Kay Scott             314-7071 
Marketing Assistant                                  Kurt Daniels          314-1517 
Administrative Assistant                             Shirley Smith         314-7072 
Associate Athletic Director/Media Relations          Dave Haglund          314-7064 
Associate Media Relations Director                   Kevin Messenger       314-7066 
Assistant Media Relations Director                   Stephanie Mociun      314-7063 
Assistant Media Relations Director                   Chuck Walsh           314-7065 
Publications Coordinator/Asst. Media Relations Dir.  Jason Yellin          314-7062 
Media Relations Coordinator                          Jennifer Mason        314-7064 
Assistant Athletic Director/Operations & Facilities  Curt Callahan         314-7126 
Assistant Director of Operations                     Gary Parker           314-7127 
Assistant Director of Operations                     Greg Smith            314-7128 
Administrative Assistant                             Patty Benfield        314-7126 
Head Trainer                                         Sandy Worth           314-9905 
Assistant Trainer                                    Brant Berkstresser    314-9906 
Assistant Trainer                                    J.J. Bush             314-7132 
Assistant Trainer                                    Michael Meyers        314-9901 
Assistant Trainer                                    Phyllis Sanders       314-7137 
Assistant Trainer                                    Bill Saylor           314-7113 
Strength & Conditioning Coach                        Dwight Galt           314-9927 
Assistant Strength & Conditioning Coach              Barry Kagan           314-9927 
Assistant Strength & Conditioning Coach              Damian Stephens       314-9927 
Assistant Strength & Conditioning Coach              Corliss White         314-9927 
Director of Ticket Operations                        Jack Zane             314-7083 
Ticket Manager                                       Wendy Brown           405-9273 
Associate Ticket Manager                             Greg Schiller         314-7093 
Assistant Ticket Manager                             Eloise Jones          314-7084 
Assistant Ticket Manager                             Debbie Russell        314-7085