University of Maryland
Terrapin Student-Athlete Honor Agreement

The University of Maryland is a diverse community of learners that prides itself on using the latest research, technology and the most innovative methods to prepare its students to succeed in an ever-changing world.

As established by the 2006 Student-Athlete Advisory Committee, the individual responsibility of a terrapin student-athlete encompasses not only the academic and athletic challenges, but also includes the commitment to sportsmanship, conduct, leadership and community.

I. Academics
Terrapin student-athletes strive for academic excellence, adhere to the University Honor Pledge, utilize the academic support provided, and maintain eligibility while working towards degree completion.

II. Athletics
Terrapin student-athletes possess a strong work ethic committed to preparing, training and competing while taking responsibility for one's physical and mental well-being.

III. Sportsmanship
Terrapin student-athletes demonstrate respect for self, teammates, coaches, opponents, officials, staff, and fans before, during, and after University, Conference, and NCAA competition.

IV. Conduct
Terrapin student-athletes abide by the University's Code of Student Conduct, the Student-Athlete Code of Conduct, and are accountable for maintaining a high standard of individual and social responsibility.

V. Leadership
Terrapin student-athletes act with integrity and respect, demonstrate responsible decision-making, and communicate effectively to represent Maryland Athletics.

VI. Community
Terrapin student-athletes are positive role models involved in life skills activities to benefit the individual as well as the University, Athletic community and surrounding communities.

As a terrapin student-athlete I pledge to be a dependable leader, committed to pursuing academic and athletic excellence, while demonstrating exemplary sportsmanship, personal conduct and community involvement. This agreement is intended to reflect the personal responsibility and honor of a terrapin student-athlete.