Coaching Staff
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Brenda Frese
Head Coach
11th season at Maryland
14th season overall as head coach
21st season in coaching

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Tina Langley
Associate Head Coach
Fifth season at Maryland
15th season overall

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Marlin Chinn
Assistant Coach
Fourth season at Maryland
15th season overall

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David Adkins
Assistant Coach
Fourth season at Maryland
20th season overall

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Chris Campbell
Director of Operations
Third season at Maryland

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Support Staff


Heather Arianna
Director of Academic Services

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Mike Bowden
Video Director

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Rose DiPaula Rose DiPaula
Media Relations Director

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Jennifer Carson Elkonoh
Program Manager

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Zach Kancher

Libby Ellis
Coordinator of Recruiting Operations

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Katie Fowler
Assistant Director of Basketball Performance

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Zach Kancher

Zach Kancher
Director of Scouting and Player Development

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Jim Knight
Equipment Manager


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Megan Rogers
Athletic Trainer

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