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ACC Honors
Courtesy: Maryland Athletics
Release: 04/09/2013
ACC Team Titles
1955, 1956, 1957, 1958, 1958, 1960, 1961, 1963, 1965, 1966, 1967, 1968, 1972, 1973, 1974, 1976, 1977, 1978, 1979, 1980 (with Virginia), 1985 (with Virginia & North Carolina), 1987, 1998*, 2004*, 2005*, 2011*
(*- Denotes tournament title, prior to 1989 the winner was determined by the ACC standings.)

ACC Player of the Year
Bob Boneillo 1979
Tom Worstell 1986
Jim Beardmore 1987
Bill Ralph 1990
Kevin Healy 1998
Joe Walters 2004, 2006

ACC Defensive Player of the Year
Jesse Bernhardt 2012
Niko Amato 2014

ACC Coach of the Year
Dick Edell 1989, 1992, 1998
Dave Cottle 2004, 2008
John Tillman 2014

ACC Freshman of the Year
Daniel Robbins 1991
Rob Chomo 1992
Andrew Whipple 1995
Michael Howley 2000
Joe Walters 2003
Brian Phipps 2007
Goran Murray 2012
Connor Cannizzaro 2014

Tournament MVP
Scott Hochstadt 1998
Joe Walters 2004
Harry Alford 2005
Grant Catalino 2011

1977 Bob Ott M
  Pete Worstell M
  Randy Ratliff D
  Ed Pray D
  Jake Reed G
1978 Bob Boneillo A
  Bob Ott M
  Pete Worstell M
  Barry Mitchell M
  Randy Ratliff D
  Ed Pray D
1979 John Lamon A
  Bob Boneillo A
  Barry Mitchell M
  Randy Ratliff D
  Bryant Waters D
1980 Bob Boneillo A
  Pete Worstell M
  Barry Mitchell M
1981 Pete Worstell A
1982 Jim Wilkerson A
  Kevin Sullivan M
1984 Chris O'Brien M
1985 Kirk Thurston M
1986 Tom Worstell M
  Dan Tracy D
  Brian Jackson D
1987 Mike Mosko A
  Tom Worstell M
  Brian Willard M
  Brian Jackson D
  Jim Beardmore G
1988 Brendan Hanley A
  Tom Worstell M
  Dan Coughlan D
1989 Mark Douglas A
  Phil Willard M
  Billy Ralph D
  Mike McCanna G
1990 Billy Ralph D
  Mark Douglas M
1991 Mark Douglas A
  Brian Burlace D
1992 Brian Burlace D
  Andy Claxton M
  Bob Huggins M
1993 Bob Huggins M
  Danny Robbins D
1994 Kip Fulks M
  Dan Radebaugh D
1995 Brian Dougherty G
  Kip Fulks M
  Dan Radebaugh D
1996 Brian Dougherty G
  Andrew Whipple A
1997 Matt Hahn A
  Dave LaChapelle D
1998 Matt Hahn A
  Scott Hochstadt A
  Frank Radin M
  Brian Zeller M
  Kevin Healy G
1999 Chris Lamy D
  Kevin Healy G
2000 Chris Malone M
  Pat McGinnis G
2001 Andrew Combs A
  Michael Howley D
  Pat McGinnis G
2002 Michael Howley D
  Dan LaMonica A
  Mike Mollot M
  Chris Passavia D
2003 Michael Howley D
  Mike Mollot M
  Ryan Moran M
  Chris Passavia D
2004 Chris Passavia D
  Joe Walters A
  Lee Zink D
2005 Bill McGlone M
  Joe Walters A
2006 Ray Megill D
  Bill McGlone M
  Xander Ritz A
  Joe Walters A
  Steve Whittenberg D
2007 Ray Megill D
  Steve Whittenberg D
2008 Joe Cinosky D
  Jeff Reynolds M
2009 Dan Groot M
  Max Schmidt D
  Ryan Young A
2010 Grant Catalino A
  Brian Phipps G
  Brett Schmidt D
  Ryan Young A
2011 Niko Amato G
  Joe Cummings M
  Brett Schmidt D
2012 Niko Amato G
  Jesse Bernhardt LSM
  Joe Cummings A
  John Haus M
2013 Niko Amato G
  Jesse Bernhardt LSM
  John Haus M
2014 Niko Amato G
  Mike Chanenchuk M
  Michael Ehrhardt D
  Goran Murray D
  Charlie Raffa FO

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