Postgame Head Coach And Player Quotes- Maryland Vs. Florida State

Maryland Athletics
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Sept. 28, 2000

Box Score

Postgame Quotes- Maryland vs. Florida State

Maryland Head Coach Ron Vanderlinden

"Our defense was battling a little bit...we were close to first downs (on offense), but we couldn't quite convert or get a drive going. You can't keep putting (Florida State's offense) out on the field...sooner or later they're going to crack ya."

"We came out of the game healthy, but I don't think there are a lot of positives to come out of this game. We didn't play well."

Florida State Head Coach Bobby Bowden

"This game was a little more one-sided than I had thought. We've really had to struggle in the past when we've come up here. We've come up here with a superior team before and really struggled. Our running game is very good again and our passing game is good enough to win.

"Maryland never gave up, they kept fightin', but we just had too many players."

"We self-destruct too much. We had too many penalties. I don't think we're going to go undefeated if we don't stop getting penalties."

In Chris Weinke's Injury: "I'm hoping it's a minor injury. We'll just have to wait until we get the X-rays back. Thank goodness it was a Thursday night game- we'll have at least two more days to get more information on it."

Maryland Wide Receiver Guilian Gary "We just struggled on all cylinders. Sometimes we dropped balls, and sometimes we had people open and we just couldn't find them. They have a great defensive line and secondary."

Maryland Quarterback Calvin McCall "They have a good team. We had some drops and I had some bad throws, but I can't blame the loss on anyone... Everything that could go wrong did tonight."

Maryland Running Back LaMont Jordan On the long touchdown run: "When I scored, I thought it would motivate us and get us back in the game, but it didn't. I came close to breaking a couple of long runs tonight, but their safeties came down fast."