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Sept. 6, 2010

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Maryland Head Coach Ralph Friedgen
On the game:

"I'm very proud of our players. I think Navy is an outstanding team that played its guts out. I thought it was a great football game. Both of us turned the ball over when we wouldn't want to. Last year, we probably wouldn't have won this game. We found a way to hang in there, keep persevering, and that's why I'm so proud of our players. Hopefully they'll build confidence and grow from this and it'll be a positive experience for them."

On Navy head coach Ken Niumatalolo's play call at the end of the game:
"Ricky Dobbs has scored 27 touchdowns, and a lot of them have been on that same play. They were very confident in it, I'm sure. He scored the other one on the same play. Ken is a heck of a coach and I'm sure he made the right decision."

On the team's defensive effort:
"They played as hard as they can play. We knew we were going against a heck of an offense. They're one of the best rushing offenses in the country. They run that option to perfection. It's just so hard to take all three elements away and then they change up their blocking schemes. It was really a tremendous chess match going on."

On quarterback Jamarr Robinson only throwing the ball five times:
"I've seen him do it in practice. You'd have to ask James, but I'd say it's what was working. Our plan was to run the ball and hold onto the ball. That's what we wanted to do. It was a mix-up on the interception. We've got some weapons out there that I'm sure we're going to be using."

On what he said to the team after the game:
"They came in and awarded our guys the Crab Bowl trophy, but I never told them that there was a trophy. I told them I knew we were going to win, but I wanted to keep that out of the equation. They were real happy. They were excited. I told them how proud I was of them. I told them that last year, we wouldn't have finished. I told them that's the difference between winning and losing. When I'm working you real hard and trying to push you through, it's to prepare you for a game like this. They understand now. When you're in a game like this, it's a game of wills. It's a question of who is going to rise to the occasion. I'm not saying Navy didn't rise to the occasion - they gave us everything they had."

On the Maryland-Navy rivalry:,br> It was a very, very hard-fought game, just like the last time. It's a great game, and we should be doing it. I think the fans like it and I think it's great for the state. I'd be upset if I lost just like Ken is, but there are two great programs that work very hard. I hope Navy goes on and wins all of its games. They're a Maryland team. We're very fortunate that we won this one and the last time.

Maryland Player Quotes
Adrian Moten

On the final play:
"It was one more play, and we knew the time was ticking down. I kept telling the guys this was the last play and we would not get any more chances after this. We just forgot about everything else in the game and stopped them."

On the defense's play during the game:
"We knew it was going to be a tough game going into today and we knew as a defense that we would have to play well to win. Even though the offense turned the ball over we had to keep playing so we would win as a team."

Jamarr Robinson
On his play at quarterback:
"I felt like I could have thrown the ball better. We struggled in the passing game, but we came away with the win and that is all that matters."

On Navy's defense:
"They played a basic `Cover 2', which left a lot of openings to the run. We had a few big plays and I missed a few looks, but that's going to happen in the first game. I think this week I need to focus on improving my patience with throwing the ball."

On the post-game locker room:
"Everyone was really excited. This was a big win for us, but we only have a few hours to celebrate and then we need to start focusing on our game this Saturday."

Travis Baltz
On placekicking:
"It's a whole different experience. I usually run out there after we score and kneel down to hold the ball, but it's a different routine. I kicked in high school, but at the collegiate level everything is faster; plus, with punting, placekicking has been put on the backburner. I took as much advice as I could when I found out I was going to be filling in for Nick [Ferrara], and I ran through the kicking scenario in my head so I could be a little more comfortable with them. I tried to mentally prepare myself and when I lined up to kick, I just visualized the ball going in. I think my preparation was very helpful for today's game."

Senior Linebacker Adrian Moten
On Navy:
"It was a tough team. We showed up today and that was a big thing. We are a tough team and we can face adversity and we can keep moving forward. We never bowed down to anyone, we never stood back and said, `man offense just did this' and we just put on our show."

Junior Running Back Davin Meggett
What he learned today:
"We can finish. We learned today that we can finish games and come in through the clutch. We needed it. It was a confidence booster. A lot of this is to see our potential, a lot of this is to see what we can do and this will serve as a feeling of what we can do later on in the season."

On his approach to the game today:
"We were focused. We knew that this team was going to be disciplined and be focused and we knew we were going to have to match that and be focused and come out ready to play. We did and we showed it in our first two drives."

Senior Offensive Lineman Paul Pinegar
On the game plan:
"We came in with a game plan and were going to run the ball and run the ball efficiently and we did the first two quarters."

On the win:
"We needed it really bad. It's our first game of the season and our goal was to be 1-0 and we accomplished our first goal. Our next goal is to be 2-0. So this win meant a lot to us especially the senior class."

On Navy's defense:
"They came out with their base 50 defense that we expected. It's what we've practiced against all spring and all summer. They came out and they showed us one or two things we haven't seen before but it wasn't really that hard to adjust. I didn't see it a whole lot so we got what we initially expected and I think it helped us out to run our assignments and run the ball efficiently."

On the running game:
"Yeah Darrell [Scott] and Davin [Meggett] and Jamar [Robinson] all ran the ball really hard. They came out feet blazing and they hit a hole and they were gone. Meggett had a couple of big runs that were real nice."

Navy Head Coach Ken Niumatalolo
On the game:
"You have to give Maryland credit. Coach Friedgen and his program, obviously a hard fought game, but they made plays to win the ball game. Like I said all the credit to their program, give Maryland the credit."

On the loss:
"Ifs, ands, and buts, but you have to find a way to finish. I can't remember a time where we rushed for 400 yards and lost a ball game. There's no consolation in moving the ball. The object of the game is to score and they did a good job keeping us out. We just had some mental lapses. I got out-coached. This is a team loss. We came in here trying to make sure we took care of the football. We lost the turnover battle. We knew they were going to try and run the ball and we had a hard time stopping the run. We could have converted in the red zone. So like I said, we just had a mishap there at the end of the half. We were either just going to throw the ball out of bounds and kick the field goal and we had a mental lapse there. And it was probably a bad call on my part to go for it there at the end. The biggest fault is my fault. We could have kicked the game into overtime and seen what happened - bad decision."

On quarterback Ricky Dobbs:
"You're always going to miss reads and do some things. People are human. The turnovers we've got to rectify. As a staff, we try to make sure we don't turn the football over. Like I said, just because you move the ball, that doesn't mean anything if you can't put the ball in the end zone. We had a ton of opportunities. We should have had 31 points. We left those out on the field. We didn't get it. Like I said, you've got to give them credit. We didn't score, so it doesn't matter."

On the decision to go for it on fourth down at the end of the game:
"We have all these things in coaching, with computer breakdowns and stuff, and we were going to go for the win. I look back in hindsight now and it was a bad decision, but at the time I had faith in Ricky [Dobbs]. He's scored like that many times before, but they kept us out. We played the odds ... but the decision back fired."

On the choice of plays for the fourth down try:
"Everybody in the country knows what we're going to do. It's not like it's a new deal. He did it on another score and [Dobbs] was getting ready to score another one when he fumbled, so it's no secret what we do. We're going to put the ball in our best player's hands and live with it. But it was all my decision. It was all my call."

On the fumbles:
"You can't turn the ball over. That's our biggest thing that we always preach. And to me, if we take care of the football it's a different game, but you've got to take care of it. They knocked the ball out. You have to give them credit. They're the ones that hit the ball out. It wasn't like the ball just fell out. They knocked the ball out, so you have to give the Maryland defense credit for doing it."

On the defense after the first quarter:
"We had the ball almost 40 minutes, so it wasn't like our defense was playing tired. My thing is when they're out there they should be fresh, and I think once we settled down we were ok."

On time of possession:
"We had the ball. We just couldn't finish. And that's normally our forte. That plays right into our blueprint of how we win games. We eat the clock, keep them off the sidelines, and we score. We didn't do that tonight. Like I said, you have to give them credit. We just didn't finish today, but our defense did settle down. To get down two big scores like that, we were in the hole from the beginning. And we came back on that first drive and we should have had three and came out with nothing. So we were kind of running behind all the time. The other thing at the half killed us. Ricky [Dobbs] knows; he knows he's got big shoulders. And that one at the end was my fault. That's all me."

Navy Player Quotes
Senior Quarterback Ricky Dobbs

On missed goal-line chances:
"We had several opportunities where we could have scored. What's best for us are those goal-line chances in the red zone is where we're best and where we do most of our work. Those times in there were critical, game-changing moments. [Maryland] had a good scheme, they came over the top and knocked the ball out from behind, and then the other time I got hit dead on my hands. I can take sole responsibility for those occurrences. One thing we talk about at [Navy] is taking care of the football and I just didn't do a good job."

On the final play in the red zone:
"I knew [Maryland] was going to pinch, but I thought I was going to be able to get it outside. It's something we do all the time, one yard to go which is bread and butter to us. I felt 100 percent confident that we were going to be able to punch it in, but we just had to execute. That's what it all comes down to."

On the final drive before halftime:
"At halftime I was replaying that play over and over in my head just trying to gather my thoughts and I remember knowing that I had 12 seconds on the clock and no timeouts. When I rolled out I was trying to make sure I stayed focused, but I think it was [Alex] Wujiack, he came across my face so I stopped and tried to make him miss. At that point my instincts took over and they were telling me to run and to get what I could get. After that moment I became unaware of everything I was told before. Coach told me if I didn't have anything throw the ball out of bounds and we would kick the field goal. I lost focus. Instinct took over and got the best of me."

On why Navy did not play characteristically:
"Through the course of the game we were moving the ball at will, we got into the red zone and we just had trouble finishing. I don't know the reason for that. The expectations for our team are nothing different, this is just a minor setback and a test of character to see if you can stand up toe-to-toe and give it everything you got consistently. I can guarantee you that this Navy football team will have the character to bounce back and give it all we have."

Senior Safety Wyatt Middleton
On expectations for the team:
"We still have high expectations, in the course of life, just like football, you're going to have setbacks here and there. This is a hard loss, you have to give it to [Maryland] they played great today. For us we have to keep moving forward and take the loss, it is what it is, but tomorrow we have to start planning for Georgia Southern."

On why Navy could never take control of the game:
"One of the main reasons for that was because Maryland played great today. They have tools on offense and they used those tools today. They have great running backs, a great quarterback, some great wide receivers although they didn't pass much but really they executed and that's the game of football. The team that's going to win is the team that executes and today that was Maryland."