Postgame Quotes: Maryland 27, William & Mary 14

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Sept. 2, 2006

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Maryland Head Coach Ralph Friedgen
On tonight's game:
"I thought we played well in the beginning, but our defense kind of faded and we got a little tired at the end. We've got to stop the turnovers. I thought our running backs ran hard. I thought our line blocked well. I thought our fullback played very well. In the first half I thought we played really well, but we kind of let up a little bit at the end."

On team's turnovers:
As long as you have turnovers, you're going to give any team a chance to win. We're turning the ball over and we're not forcing any turnovers. We work pretty hard at it, but we don't seem to get any.

"We weren't very good on third downs. They changed some of the things they had been doing a year ago. We had some opportunities and we probably could have thrown the ball a little more, but I thought we were doing a good job running the ball.

On Maryland's offense:
"I think that's the strength of our team. If we get the offensive line gelling, and if we can get some receivers stepping up and making big plays, then I think we have a chance to have a good offense. Isaiah (Williams) made a nice play on a long ball today. Danny (Oquendo) made a nice catch on a third-down play. We just have to be more consistent. We have been doing a better job of that at practice, but we didn't do it today."

On Josh Wilson:
"He is one guy that goes 100 percent everyday. Every practice, every play. You can't ever let down on him. He'll intercept a pass on you, he'll tackle you. He's just a tremendous competitor and he's the same way in the classroom as he is on the football field. He's a great kid in our program."

Maryland running back Lance Ball
On the running back rotation:
"I actually feel pretty good. I can go out there and play another game. I guess with the good rotation that we have with me, Keon (Lattimore) and Josh (Allen) my legs always feel fresh. We got the win and I'm ready for Middle Tennessee."

On the game:
"Of course the goal was to get the win. We played a lot of players out there today to get them experience. Next game should be better. We learned a lot from this game. Still, we've got to minimize the turnovers; that's going to kill us down the road, but we got the win and you can't say anything else."

On the difference from last year to this year:
"The game seems a little bit slower to me. I saw the holes a little bit better today. I'm calmer out there, more composed, and I just control myself, going out there and having fun."

Maryland cornerback Josh Wilson
On the Maryland defense:
"I think we played really good. We came out there fired up, we came out fast. The two touchdowns, we really didn't want to give those up. We kind of got lax and came off a little slow both times. I think we had a good game. We had a couple mistakes we need to learn from. We need to get some more turnovers. Unfortunately I dropped a pick today; that's eating me up inside. I think we played really good. Between the turnovers and just making sure we wrap up the tackles and minimize the missed tackles, I think we're on track."

On being tested by the offense:
"I want them to pick on me. It gives me an opportunity to make plays. I want them to pick on me as much as possible. They're going to catch some balls, but just make sure when they catch the ball, they pay the price for catching the ball. That's one of the things we've been focusing on as a defense - our pursuit of the ball. We want to have all 11 guys at the point of attack every down. We've been focusing on that and today it really showed early in the game."

William & Mary Head Coach Jimmye Laycock
On the game:
"Maryland is a heck of a football team. They're physical and well-coached. We were fortunate to hang in there. I was pleased with our effort, even though we made some mistakes and had some mismatches. I thought we competed hard, and in the second half we executed a little better."

On the quarterback play:
"They both [Mike Potts and Josh Phillips] played well. With everything that was thrown at them, I thought that they handled it well. There were no fumbles and no interceptions, and there aren't going to be a lot of teams that go up against Maryland this year who can say that."

On big plays for Maryland:
"Coming into the game, you hope that they don't happen, but there were some mismatches there that they took advantage of and those things just happen. But the good thing was that we were still able to come back and we competed like crazy. We just kept playing, so I was pleased with that."

On Maryland:
"Maryland is a good team. Coach Friedgen is a good coach and he has a good staff. They know what they're doing out there."

On the Tribe's offensive line play:
"That was a big concern coming into the game, but given what we were seeing out there on the field, I thought that they did a heck of a job preparing and did a great job."

William and Mary Linebacker Josh Rutter
On the game:
"We knew [Maryland was] going to be big and physical. They are a very well-coached team. Their speed was something we knew would be a factor. Our defense played pretty well. The offense had some nice drives to keep us off the field. In the first half we gave up some big plays, and that's crucial anytime you play a team like Maryland."

William and Mary Free Safety Alan Wheeling
On William and Mary's defense:
"We dug ourselves a hole early with [giving up] big plays. We're not used to seeing Maryland's speed every day in practice, so it took us about half a quarter to a quarter to adjust to that. Once we did, we bounced back and played very well. We're still trying to mesh in the secondary. We have some guys switching positions and we've had some injuries, and we have a couple of freshmen, too."

William and Mary Tailback Elijah Brooks
On William and Mary's offense:
"After a while, [Maryland] started to slow down, and we started clicking on offense. They have a very good defense, but if we had executed a few more times, the score would have been a little different. Maryland had a great defense and a great team. We played hard and did the best we could do."

On keeping their heads in the game:
"If we had gotten down when they jumped out on us early, it could have been extremely ugly for us. We stuck together. We knew our ability and we fought hard. I was proud of my team, and we can build on this going into conference play."