Post-Game Quotes From Maryland's Stunner Over Duke

Feb. 10, 2000

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DURHAM, N.C. - Maryland Head Coach Gary Williams Postgame Comments

"Tonight we knew coming in here, we had to play great basketball, and it wasn't going to be if Terence Morris played well or Lonny Baxter played well. It was going to be if we played well as a team. I thought that's what we did, and that gave us the confidence that we could play with Duke tonight."

"It's amazing to play that well, and it still goes right down to the wire."

"I thought we caught them at the right time. I told our players, it seems like there's been more and more talk about the streak. This is our time to get a chance to win this game. I think we really believed we could win the game walking on the court. That was the key."

On Terence Morris: "(In the first half)Terence had really good looks and he knew it. He was really upset at halftime that he didn't put the ball in the basket more. In the second half, he was incredible. He wanted the ball, and that's the Terence Morris that I know."

"We've probably worked as hard this year in practice as any team I've had since I've been at Maryland, and it's nice to see the results pay off for our guys."

On Juan Dixon: "He finds ways to score...when it comes time to getting the ball in his hands and there's any open court he's really good. He's got that timing that all great shooters have, and he seems to get open easier than other guys."

Duke Head Coach Mike Krzyzewski Post-Game Comments

"Well Maryland played a great basketball game. I mean they had high energy and looked really fresh and determined. They played great. We just couldn't stop them. To our kids credit we had a chance when we went up 75-72, but they played better than we did. I thought offensively we played well. Defensively both teams had a hard time stopping one another. At that point we had a chance to steal one because they are playing better than we are. My kids played hard, but we didn't have that edge. We just didn't have that edge you needed at that point and really at times throughout the game and Maryland wouldn't let up."

"Dixon was fabulous. Not good, or really good, he was fabulous. That is the best performance against us this year by an individual. So efficient. He is beautiful to watch. You have to give credit when a kid played great like that."

"I thought Terence Morris when it came down the stretch those two three's where huge. Everyone is kinda downplaying how he was supposed to be Player of the Year in the conference. Look, Terence Morris is a great player. He has allowed these other guys on the team to have their roles. He is a hell of a player."

"Maryland was really good. Gary [Williams] had them prepared and deserved to win. They did and I congratulate them. If we would of been able to beat them right there at the end it would of been kinda an upset because they played better than we did. It just wasn't there. We just didn't have enough."

"We are all learning. You guys [media] are the ones calling us the well-oiled machine. We have three freshmen in our first six. I am just happy where we are at. Our kids have played great. We are not a great basketball team. We have just happen to have won nine conference games so far and lost one."