Q & A With Stephanie Doiron

Dec. 1, 2004

Junior outside hitter Stephanie Doiron checks in with and discusses the team's upcoming match vs. Towson at the NCAA Tournament.

Talk about the match on Saturday vs. Miami (Ohio). How was having a final regular-season match after the ACC Tournament to prepare for the NCAA Tournament?
Stephanie Doiron: It was good. Last year between the ACC's and NCAA's we went two weeks without playing, so I think we may have had too long of a break without competition. So I think the match (vs. Miami) will end up helping us.

Describe what was going through your mind on Sunday night when the team gathered the watch the Selection Show.
SD: It was very nerve-racking. Even though we knew that eventually they would say our name since we won the ACC Tournament, I was nervous about who we were going to play and where we were going to go. I remember every time they would talk about a new team or announce a part of the bracket I would wonder if we were going to go someplace like California or Hawaii. It was fun.

What do you think about playing the first and second rounds at Penn State. Have you ever been there?
SD: No, I've never been there, but I'm excited. I'm curious to see what their campus looks like.

What are your thoughts on the first-round matchup vs. Towson?
SD: Towson has obviously been doing very well at the end of their season, winning their conference tournament and playing a tough match vs. Florida. But I'm confident that if we play as well as we did during the ACC Tournament that we can beat them.

How has practice been this week preparing for the tournament?
SD: We're doing a lot of team things ... a lot of six-on-six and connections. We're anxious to play, so we've been working very hard and pushing ourselves.

Compare this year's ACC Championship to last year's.
SD: Last year was such a new experience, just winning ACC's. We had the goal of making it to the NCAA Sweet Sixteen last year, but we were all so happy about winning the conference tournament. Now, there are a lot of people still here that have now won two ACC Championships, so we're thinking about that goal of making it to the Sweet Sixteen even more. The experience of last year helps this year.

One last question. Being from Windsor, Ontario, what's your favorite thing about Canada?
SD: Tim Hortons.