Maryland-Penn State Quotes

Maryland Athletics
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Head Coach Brenda Frese 
Opening statement:
“Penn State came out and was the more aggressive team for 40 minutes. They came and attacked us early and got us into foul trouble. They’re guard play was tremendous; they really took a punch at us early. We were able to somewhat get back in the second quarter staying the course of being able to go through Bri. I thought her team did a great job feeding the ball, being aggressive, and being consistent through her. I liked our start to the third quarter. I thought we were going to put them away when we were able to get that big lead. I thought Penn State handled the run remarkably. A special night for Bri. All the hard work she's put in during her four years of her career. Coming to campus with the ACL injury to everything she’s done to put herself in this position to be where she is. We needed every single one of her 42 points to be able to get past Penn State.” 

On how efficient Maryland were with their ball movement:
“Obviously as a coach I’m going to look at the 21 turnovers. We do have a lot of unselfish play and I thought that as we continued to go through Bri I thought our guard play did a tremendous job.”
On what Penn State did effectively on defense:
“I think they really put us on our heels early, in terms of their transition. Our transition defense really struggled early, in terms of what we were doing. They sped us up, made us play too fast, and that is a credit to what they were trying to do on both ends of the floor.”
On how differently Brionna performed tonight:
“I think a combination of things. They started in single coverage and then they changed to douse coverage, but I think early she was getting great position. I think our guards did a lot better job as we have continued to reinforce playing through her, getting her the ball and putting her and our team in a great positions to be successful.”

Penn State Assistant Coach Tamika Williams-Jeter
Overall thoughts on the game:
“I thought our kids played pretty hard. [Maryland is] the third-ranked team for a reason. They’ve played everybody really well, they don’t leave much on the table for you, Jones comes out, she’s an automatic 20 [points] and 10 [rebounds] Walker-Kimbrough puts a lot of pressure on you with her length and her ability to disrupt. And Slocum didn’t play like a freshman. She might play five minutes like a freshman, she’s able to create, she’s got great role-play and you got great talent coming off the bench. A very talented team, very balanced team, Maryland, and they put up 90 points on everybody. When it was 89 we hoped we could hold them under 90. For us

“I think we just played hard. When they got it to 12, we would cut it. That’s big for our team, to come in and really cut into the lead and to pretty much do a good job on everybody but Jones, and that was part of it, somebody’s going to get something, but not everyone is going to eat. I thought we had a pretty good plan, our kids executed it, we got punched and we punched back, it was physical. It was a good overall Big Ten game.”

On Brionna Jones:
“I really like Jones. She’s not 6’5” or 6’6”, she’s really strong, she knows angles, she can catch everything, she’s good at pursuing her own missed shots, she knows how to wedge offensive rebound with two hands and not foul. I’ve had the opportunity to coach some really good post players in this league in Jantel Lavender and Jessica Davenport when I was at Ohio State, and that kid is the strongest, meanest little thing I’ve ever seen in my life. And she takes charges. She sacrifices her body. She’s changed her body in four years. I played pro for seven years. She is good. And she’s strong. We got beat on the post, we got knocked around, and I’m happy. Because now I can show them some film and hopefully get them a little bit better. I love watching her play, she demands the ball, her teammates trust her, and she is that strong and demanding.”