Quotes from Tuesday's Press Conference

Maryland Athletics
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Head Coach Randy Edsall

Opening Statement:

“Well it’s good to be back in game week and have the opportunity to play a different opponent rather than play against yourselves. I’m looking forward to Saturday to see where we are as a team and I’m anxious to watch the guys go out and perform. I want to see what kind of team they can be in 2014.”

On the series history with James Madison:

“I spoke to our team about that and let them know they are a very good football team. They’re a talented team. I believe they have 10 transfers from FBS schools, seven on offense and three on defense. They have a quarterback [Vad Lee] who was a starter in the ACC. Again it’s a team that has talent. It’s a new coaching staff and that brings some uncertainty terms of what do you prepare for, who do you watch and where do you gather all your information.”

On the legal situation with Levern Jacobs and Alex Twine:

It’s one of those situations where I really can’t talk about it. We are still in the process of gathering all the information and assuming there is something we need to say based on that situation, we’ll get that information out.”

On sitting Levern Jacobs during preseason camp:

“That’s something that I decided to do based on things that I felt I needed to do in terms of what was the best interest of our program and the best interest of Levern.”

On what separated Brandon Ross from the rest of the running backs:

“It was pretty much just the things that I talked about all during preseason camp. I felt that during camp he showed the most of those three guys, but we are not going to hesitate to play Albert [Reid] and we’re not going to hesitate to play Wes [Brown]. Again it’s one of those things where we just felt through the evaluation process that he came out doing the best of everything we were asking those guys to do. But again, it a situation where I think you’ll see all three guys.”

On defensive line depth:

“Well I think the one thing that you want to be able to do is do what you do best. I think even though we have guys that have played we’re not going to try to do a whole lot of different things with them. We’re going to do the things that we think we do well and add on any wrinkles that we need to add to enhance what we do. Really I think that’s what it does. It allows you to make adjustments quicker.  It allows them to communicate better. Again it’s a situation where upfront, we’re going to play a lot of guys. You saw the “or” there with Darius and Keith and again I think they’re both starters. That’s why there’s an “or” there and both of them are going to play. They’re going to play quite a bit and it will make them better. It will make us better. You’ll see Roman [Braglio] and Spencer [Myers] in there as well.”

On C.J. Brown and Daniel Ezeagwu competing against their brothers:

"Well I just hope C.J.’s been careful with what he’s been texting or communicating with his brother. Maybe his brother kind of slipped up a little bit and gave the older brother some information that might be able to help, but I think it’s neat. Then we got Daniel Ezeagwu and his brother David. David is in the two-deep at JMU and Daniel is our fifth corner so we got two of those situations here, but I think both of those guys are the type that aren’t really saying too much to give away secrets. I’m sure they’ll be better brothers after the game is over."

On C.J. Brown being back for a sixth year:

“Well I think the biggest thing with a sixth-year guy is his leadership and having a feel and command of what we’re doing offensively. I think also taking control of the situation in practice and on the field. I’ve seen those things. I think C.J. still has to be a little more consistent with some of the things that he’s doing. He’s working on it hard each and everyday. Again, I want to see him just take control of the offense, take control of that team, and handle it and make sure that he’s got everyone on the field and doing the things they need to do when he’s out there and then, when he gets off the field it’s also then getting with the coaches, getting with those guys and performing at a level his experience and talent would allow him to.”

On Silvano Altamirano:

“I just think with Silvano he saw the opportunity. Even if Evan [Mulrooney] was healthy, he was ready to compete. The one thing that I was impressed by, is the fact when Evan got hurt, I didn’t see a guy just say okay it’s my spot now basically because Evan got hurt. I saw a guy go out there and get better and work really, really hard, each and everyday. By doing that I thought he enhanced his own position and he got better individually.

On Evan Mulrooney’s health:

“In regards to Evan. he's getting better. He’s been lifting and he’s been on the treadmill. He’s working his way back. I don’t want to put a timetable on it. He’ll be up to get back on the field here at some point and time so that’s a good thing. His health is better and he's doing more things each and everyday. He's really eager to get back out there but he won’t be back out there until he can get cleared.”

On the kicking game:

“I think Brad Craddock has been very consistent throughout camp. Nate Renfro had a good day today, but again, can we take it from the practice field to the game field. That is the thing that will be telling on Saturday. He’s [Renfro] got the ability and he can do it. These are some of the things we have to try to help as much as we can to get him into that mindset that he can carry that over from practice to the game.”

On Jarrett Ross:

“I’m very confident in anybody we have to put in the ballgame on Saturday. Be it Jarrett Ross, be it whoever. If we’ve got to put them in the ballgame do to injury or do to whatever, we have confidence in them. The big thing with Jarrett is that he’s come back off that shoulder injury. He wasn’t out there in spring. He hasn’t shown any ill effects from that. Again, he’s a young guy that is improving. He’s one play away from being out there and if he has to go out there I’m extremely confident that he’ll go in and be able to do the job. If we have to use him in some capacity out there, he’ll go in and do the best job that he can.”

On what he’s seen from the team:

“It’s a team that is together. They want to do well. I think that they want to hold themselves accountable and hold themselves to a high standard. Right now, no adversity has set in. What’s going to happen when adversity set in? I’d be very surprised if adversity doesn’t set in. Usually during a season adversity does set in.  They’ll fight and do whatever they have to do to be successful. There is very good leadership on this time. There are guys that will hold guys accountable and will demand each others best effort every time we go out there.”

Quarterback C.J. Brown 

On being a veteran:

“Everyday I feel like the old guy. Freshmen can just run and run.  In terms of experience, it has helped. I’m thankful for the opportunity to have another year.”

On the freshmen:

“The biggest thing is the young guys have never have experienced college football. You have to focus one play at a time and one game at a time. There are only 12 games and you have to make the most of them.”

Linebacker L.A. Goree

On the James Madison offense:

“Like anybody, it presents a challenge. I think their offense is similar with what we see with our own offense, so I think that’s a slight advantage that we have. Their quarterbacks are pretty athletic. [Vad Lee] coming from Georgia Tech, I remember him playing quarterback down their and playing option, so he’s bringing that same athletic ability to JMU. I think they’ll be a good opponent.”

On what makes the defense perform well:

“This may sound different, but it’s just the spirit. The spirit we have between each other and within our team. We’ve been together and everyone is coming back. We lost a couple players, but for the most part the defense is returning.”

Defensive Lineman Andre Monroe

On the family atmosphere within the defense:

“I feel like it’s not really different from last year. I just feel like basically it was always there, but each year it gets stronger because the more you spend time with somebody the more you get to know them. So I feel it’s slightly different from last year, but the only difference is it’s stronger now because we’ve spent more time together.”