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Maryland Athletics
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BALTIMORE - Quotes from Monday's #B1GinBaltimore event at the Under Armour Brand House.


Maryland Director of Athletics Kevin Anderson
I want to first thank Under Armour, what a great partner they are and they’ve helped us along the way.”

“Today is a great day to be a Terp.”

“Over the last 15 months we’ve been asked to be a partner and a member of the Big Ten and tomorrow will be official.”

“One thing I like to say about this whole process is that my colleagues in the Big Ten and Commissioner Delany have accepted us and welcomed us from the very beginning. We’ve never felt like we were an outsider. We’ve always been a part of the participation of becoming a true member of the Big Ten.”

“I want to thank all the coaches and staff from the University of Maryland who worked diligently and hard to make this day happen.” 

Big Ten Conference Commissioner Jim Delany
The last 18 months has just been a terrific experience, getting to know Maryland leaders, faculty, athletic directors and coaches. We’ve worked awful hard over those 18 months to make tomorrow a day that everyone can feel great about.”

“The Big Ten has been a great conference, established in 1896, and it’s a greater conference after tomorrow with Maryland as our newest member.”
“Maryland is not only educating great undergraduate students but also leading the way into the 21st century with a terrific research commitment.

“I want to welcome Maryland. I want to welcome the coaches and the athletes. We are going to have great competition. It’s the beginning of something terrific.”

Maryland Women’s Basketball Head Coach Brenda Frese
“I grew up in the Big Ten. I grew up 30 minutes from the University of Iowa. I coached one year before Maryland in the Big Ten at Minnesota, so a lot of good times, and getting to go back home to see a lot of family and friends.”

“We played Nebraska and Purdue the last three years in the ACC/Big Ten Challenge, just the fan base in the Big Ten is tremendous. I mean you’re talking about playing in front of between about 8,000 and 15,000 fans a night, so were looking forward to playing in front of those big crowds. “

“I think playing in the Big Ten will be something [the student-athletes] look forward to since they’re fully invested in the Maryland program and they chose it for that reason.”

“We have three players from Ohio and a couple from Pennsylvania, so they have the opportunity to play in front of their family and friends in the Big Ten, so it makes it easier for their friends to see them play.”

Maryland Football Head Coach Randy Edsall
“I think it’s great we have a chance to renew the Penn State series because even though we haven’t been as successful as we would have liked to in that series, one win, 35 loses and one tie, the thing that’s been good is the fact that there’s been some great games and it’s a border rivalry for the states. I think it’s something that if we do our part and beat them then we can turn it into more of a rivalry. Penn State has been a very good program over the years and now that were part of the Big Ten we get to play them every year and I think that’s exciting.”

“I would just hope everybody would get tickets and get behind it, because man it’s a heck of a schedule that we have; one that’s going to be very challenging. But, when you take a look at the division we’re in with ourselves, Rutgers, Michigan, Penn State Michigan State, Ohio State and Indiana you’re going to have to play hard. Then you have the crossover to Iowa and Wisconsin; that gets your juices flowing and makes you want to go out there even work a little bit harder.”

“I’ve played and coached in quite a few Big Ten stadiums, but I’ve heard Wisconsin is quite an experience playing there, and we get a chance play them there.”