Maryland-Morgan State Postgame Quotes

Maryland Athletics
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Head Coach Mark Turgeon

 Opening Statement:

“It was a good night for us. We did a lot of things well. Obviously we shot the ball well and in the end, our field goal percentage defense was pretty solid. Jake [Layman] really shot the ball well. Evan Smotrycz shot the ball well. I thought Damonte Dodd gave us a little bit defensively which was great to see. He really defended out there. The negative was free throw shooting. The wrong guys were getting fouled and they’ve got to step up and make it. We had too many turnovers tonight. We did such a good job at the Paradise Jam of taking care of the ball. It’s focus. Give them credit. Morgan State played very hard.”

 On their ratio of assists to made shots:

“We didn’t have to play as much 1-on-1 out there. When we drove it, they came to help, so you had to make a pass. It was their game plan. We kept making shots when it opened up. Our offense was pretty good and guys made the extra pass. We talked about that; getting the best shot for our team. Shot selection had to be better for us. I think for the most part we took good shots. It’s good to see.”

On if there was a letdown coming off the Paradise Jam:

“I don’t think we were extremely sharp as far as concentration goes. I thought we shot the ball really well. We were able to drive them. I think you saw it more on defense and rebounding. Our concentration wasn’t there. In the second half we played a lot better. It was good to have a game like that. We played a lot of guys and shared the minutes. It’s all a part of our maturation process.”

On Jake Layman:

“I think he had fresh legs. He took two days off and he didn’t go hard yesterday. Then guys find him on the break. Guys were making the extra pass to him. He got in a rhythm and their whole game plan was to stop penetration, and we made shots. That really helps when we do that.”

On the team’s progress heading into OSU:

“We’re a lot better today than we were two weeks ago. This will be our first true road game Tuesday so that’ll be a challenge for us. I like to think we’ll be pretty focused and dialed in. It will be a pretty tough game obviously, but I feel better about our team than I did a week ago.”

Morgan State Head Coach Todd Bozeman

Opening Statement:

“To begin, Maryland played really well. They shot the lights out of the ball. We knew [Jake] Layman was a shooter, but he really shot the ball well. You’re not going to win many games when a team shoots 62 percent from the field and 65 percent from the three-point line. They shot worse from the free throw line. I have to tip my hat to Turgeon for having his team ready. I saw the team’s confidence when they were over in the Virgin Islands. I knew that coming here was going to be tough because I saw their confidence growing more each game. For them to come out of there winning the tournament said a lot for them.”

On Layman shooting well:

“We watched the tapes of him and he didn’t necessarily shoot the ball great early on. However, his shots did look good. He shot the ball well in the Virgin Islands. Evan [Smotrycz] shot the ball well over there too. He was 7-for-10 on the field and 4-for-6 on the three-point line. Dez [Wells] made 2-for-8 three pointers before this game, but this game he went 2-for-2. Like I said earlier in a radio interview, you could see their confidence growing over there. So hats off to them. That’s what you want to do. You want to keep on getting better. We have to keep on getting better for ourselves. Clearly we are not in the ACC, so that is not a concern. We have to worry about preparing ourselves for our conference.”

On today’s performance for Justin Black:

“Today was just not his day. He was 4-for-14 and 1-for-5 for the three. But we still need him. We need everybody. Our three main guys are [Ian] Chiles, [Anthony] Hubbard and Justin Black. So those guys need to play well for us to win ball games. Today it was just not that day.”

Redshirt-Junior Forward Evan Smotrycz

On focusing more on rebounds

“Coach is always on me on rebounding. I want to rebound too. As a team, we need to [rebound], we can’t let teams come in and out rebound us.”

On the performance of Jake Layman

“He shot it really well, and he does it in practice too.”

On teams having to guard both you and Jake [Layman]

“It’s tough to guard because you have to respect it even more and then Nick [Faust] and Dez [Wells] will dunk all over you.”

Sophomore Forward Jake Layman

On the start of the second half:

“I was just shooting well tonight. To start off the second half I was just trying to be aggressive, that’s all it was.”

On the difference when playing in a regular season game versus a tournament style:

“Coach [Turgeon] wanted us to have the same intensity on defense, but tonight was to try to get better as a team.”

On guarding Ian Chiles:

“He’s tall, but we were just trying to steal the passes that were floating into him. He’s a good player.”

 On getting to see what the atmosphere is like playing a BIG Ten team:

“We know this is a huge game for our program and going into the Big Ten next year, this will be a good test.”