Postgame Quotes

Maryland Athletics
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Maryland Head Coach Mark Turgeon

Opening Statement:

“I thought Oregon State was terrific. That’s all we talked about in the scouting report; those two kids and trying to guard those kids [Roberto Nelson and Devon Collier]. Obviously we didn’t do a very good job. Nelson kept getting to the rim and then Collier was just a beast. We had no answer for him. I know I’m going to watch the film and see we missed a lot of box outs. We weren’t very physical. The way we started the game and the second half, I think we gave Oregon State a lot of confidence. I’m just disappointed. I rely on us being good defensively. Almost all my teams can guard, and this one just isn’t doing a very good job of it. I’ve got to build depth and our guys have got to play better. With that said, Oregon State was terrific. I felt like they never missed a shot … Maybe our defense will get better if I build depth. Our big guys have got to play better defensively.”

On President Obama attending tonight:

“We didn’t have any interaction with him. I think it was cool that he was here and it was great for our University. It brought out a bigger crowd. I think the student section came out.  Hopefully he was able to relax a little bit.”

On Oregon State’s inside play:

“I just can’t get our guys to box. We’re doing some things in practice I’ve never done to figure and it out. A lot of it was that he [Collier] was just a beast. Shaq was trying to lean on him some, but he’s just pretty strong out there. I thought at the end of the first half; the only way they could score was with a turnover or at the foul line.  I’ve got to watch the film. We’ll watch the film and try to get better. Sometimes you’ve just got to tip your hat to them. Those guys just made play after play.”

Sophomore forward Jake Layman

On playing in front of the President:

“It was cool playing with him there. It was a good experience, but we didn’t accomplish what we wanted to do tonight.”

On the atmosphere in Comcast:

“It was a great crowd tonight. Our crowd was unbelievable and they stuck with us the whole game. It was awesome.”

On the OSU run coming out of halftime:

“Our defense was sloppy. We need to come out in the second half and have more energy than we did.”

 Junior forward Evan Smotrycz

 On the atmosphere at Comcast:

“To be honest, I didn’t see the President, didn’t notice he was here. It’s good to have a crowd like that, but it’s not good to play like the way we did in front of the crowd.”

On their defensive paint play:

“I thought we got some rebounds, but we didn’t get the ones we needed to get. They got some key offensive rebounds. We just didn’t execute on the defensive end.”

Junior Guard Dez Wells  

On playing in front of the President:

“I just play basketball. I don’t pay too much attention to who’s in the crowd. The game was my focus. But the fact that I’ll be able to tell my grandchildren I had the opportunity to play in front of the president is amazing.”

On the play of Roddy Peters:

"Roddy played big; he’s capable of playing like that every night. I feel like he’s gotten comfortable with the college speed of the game. He’s coming along really well but I feel you guys haven’t seen nearly close to his potential as far as him being a good point guard."

Oregon State Head Coach Craig Robinson

On team injuries and back story:

“There’s some back story. This was only Devon [Collier]’s second game. So we didn’t have him in that first game (vs. Coppin State). And we’re missing Eric Moreland. And Angus Bryant, who is our center, was in foul trouble. He’s just coming off an ACL. There’s a little bit of a back story here. If you take our seniors who play out, the other seven guys who play are freshmen and sophomores. So there’s a little bit more to it. I wasn’t panicked. You know how fans get and how media guys get, they get a little bit worried, but it’s a process and it’s a long season. We’re just happy to be able to put things together and make these little steps forward to getting better.”

On the President’s relationship with the team:

“We always have the support of the President. He’s always following us. Before this game when we were on our tour he was admonishing the guys to make sure they set a plan a little bit better because his brother-in-law’s coaching the team. It was a fun thing for them to hear. It means a lot to these guys because they know him. They really do know him and he knows them. They played inspired for him, for themselves, for Oregon State. So it means a lot having him here.”