Postgame Quotes

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Postgame Quotes
November 2, 2013
College Park, Md.

#6/8 Maryland 99, Holy Family 44 (Exhibition)

Head Coach Brenda Frese

On today’s final exhibition:

“It was nice to see some improvements from the last time out, that’s where we always want to get better. I saw a lot of great things with some different combinations and how we wanted to play. I thought we were able to really do some really great things on the glass in terms of how we went to the offensive boards. This was just an opportunity to blend a lot of combinations together and I thought we did a good job overall.”

On what she’s learned from two games so far:

“You know obviously we have a lot of fire power on the offensive end so that’s exciting and I like how we are sharing the basketball. I mean you want to put it all together. In terms of our defense what they do dictates what we are able to do for our offense and obviously we’ve always been a good rebounding team. So we just want to be able to put it all together as we get ready to take on our first opponent in less than a week.”

On the chances on offense:

“It’s something we take pride in and spend a lot of time on, it’s fun to be able to get up and down the floor and be able to share the basketball like we did. I thought we were really unselfish, and obviously when Alyssa Thomas is coming down the middle of the floor it’s really difficult to defend but credit, I thought we were really unselfish and ran hard and made a lot of easy plays for one another.”

On perimeter defense:

“We’re really active with our hands. Especially, when Shatori and Lexie are in we get even more tips on balls in terms of how active they are with ball pressure. We have to be able to do that so we can really speed up opponents.”

Freshman Guard Shatori Walker-Kimbrough

On her impact on the game:

“I just try to make an impact as soon as possible. Like coach said, make them feel uncomfortable and if they feel comfortable then we’re doing something wrong.”

On her experience at Maryland through two games:

“It’s great. The seniors are really helpful with just reviewing everything and if I make a mistake on getting back the next play. They are really helping me out. I mean not just them but the whole team, so that’s good.”

Redshirt Senior Guard Katie Rutan

On the team’s depth:

“Well, we have depth, going from seven to 14 healthy players is a big step up. We can get up in them, but if we start to lag we can have a whole new set come in and keep the ball pressure up. There’s going to be no lag. It’s always going to be up in your face and getting tips on balls and running. “