Postgame Quotes: Maryland 20, Florida State 17

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Oct. 30, 2004

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Maryland Head Coach Ralph Friedgen
Opening comments:
"Well, I feel a lot better than last time. I really don't know what to say. I feel blessed that we were able to win this game. I wanted these kids to feel what it's like to win this type of game. They've had some disappointments, especially last week ... This has got to help us from a confidence standpoint. This is a major step in our program. This is the first time we beat a Top 10 team ... We kept fighting, we kept hanging in and digging down and tried to find a way to win."

On the play of QB Joel Statham:
"I see him gaining confidence. The other thing ... is when Joel makes a mistake it's not panic city."

On the importance of beating Florida State:
"They never doubted that they could win. I challenged our team at the team banquet last February. I told them it's time we stepped up and beat Florida State, so I kind of laid the gauntlet down right there. I told them the reason we didn't beat Florida State in the past is because we didn't believe we could."

On Maryland's aggressive play:
"We're not going to play scared. We want to go right at them. When you play a good team, that's how you have to play. You can't go in there and tippy-toe, because they'll just beat you right away."

On the remainder of the season:
"What's going to be interesting to see is where we go with this. Do we relax [against Virginia]? It's going to be a real challenge for us. It's another opportunity to grow as a young football team. ... We've got three tough games [left]. As I said earlier, we can win them all, we can lose them all. This is a tough league in case you haven't noticed."

Sophomore Tight End Vernon Davis
On the play of Joel Statham:
"I think Joel has gotten a lot better. He came out and played really well today. He found who was open and went to them. I just think he played exceptionally well."

On the game:
"I just knew I had to come out and perform because this was a big game for us. We beat a Top 5 team and it makes us look really good, because it shows everybody what we can do."

Sophomore Quarterback Joel Statham
On the game:
"We came out with a lot of confidence today and played well as a team and we never quit. We had some plays work for us that haven't been working all season and finally tonight we had things go our way."

On the play of the receivers:
"Those guys have been there all along. It is just a matter of me putting the ball where it needs to be for them to make an easy catch and run with it."

On his play:
"Tonight I felt like I was seeing things pretty well. There were only a couple of things I missed tonight. Fortunately we did not have too many turnovers. I just came out and played well and made the big plays when I need to."

On new wrinkles in the offense:
"I think that was one thing we were trying to do was catch them off guard. The reverse play that we ran with Jo Jo Walker was something I used to run in high school. I like that play a lot, and I knew it was going to come through."

Junior Wide Receiver Jo Jo Walker
On the game:
"We just had to come out and make plays. Coach Friedgen said all week that -we had to make big plays tonight to win the game and we did."

On the victory over Florida State:
"It is not big, it is huge. We are the first team in Maryland history to beat them and it gives us a lot of confidence for the rest of the season."

Florida State Head Coach Bobby Bowden
On the Terrapins:
"They really played well. I've been watching them and they played better than they had been playing. We hoped they wouldn't wake up. I thought we were going to win that game."

On the Maryland run defense:
"We could [run the ball] but we couldn't put anything together. We would make five yards on first down but then get stuffed on second down. It was like a wasted series."

On Maryland QB Joel Statham:
"He played probably ten times better than they expected. He looked like an All-American out there tonight."

On his goals for this season:
"You just have to try to win each game and end up with the best season you can."

Travis Johnson
On the team's performance:
"Everybody has certain roles and does certain things on the field. We go out every time and try to make plays. Tonight some of [our plays] weren't executed. We had time to think about the changes that we were going to make after last weeks game and it wasn't what we had expected."

On Maryland's offense:
"[Maryland] gave us a lot of position and we didn't capitalize. That really hurt us. How they played wasn't anything that we have not seen before, but I think they played well. I don't want to take anything away from them. [Maryland's] Sammy Maldonado is a friend of mine and I think he had a good game too."

Wyatt Sexton
On tonight's game:
"Tonight we didn't give up. Our timing was on tonight but we just didn't connect. Their blitzing was nothing that we hadn't seen before, nothing out of the ordinary. There was some confusion at times on the field but that was it. We should have gotten this one."

Lorenzo Booker
On Maryland's Defense:
"[Maryland's defense] was frustrating at times. We weren't playing Florida State football tonight so that changes everything. I think everyone went out there and did what they could."