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Sept. 22, 2001

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Wake Forest Head Coach Jim Grobe
On the Loss
"We made too many mistakes to beat a good team. They had a good running and passing attack to keep us off balance. We had too many three and outs."

On the Week Off
"We were tired of practice. When you take the game out from last week it can make you sloppy, but there are no excuses. Maryland was in the same situation and they had to even fly. We just didn't play well enough to win."

On Tailback Bruce Perry's Touchdowns
"On the first touchdown, there was poor tackling. It is not a good way to start out a game. You are fighting out of a hole the rest of the way. On the second touchdown we put on a stunt, but we just didn't get to Perry. I was most disappointed with giving up big plays. Bad lapses in defense resulted on two big touchdowns."

On Playing James MacPherson as QB for End of Game
"Anthony scared us when he fumbled. We couldn't afford more turnovers. Also there was not opportunity to run with the football because time was against us. James has more experience throwing it so we went with him to end the game."

Wake Forest Wide Receiver Jason Anderson
On Spreading the Passes around to Different Receivers

"As long as we are winning, as long as we are playing well, that's fine with us. If we get the first downs and get the plays we need that is all that matters."

On His Receptions
"I felt like a little kid. I have been waiting a few weeks to get good looks."

Wake Forest Linebacker Ed Kargbo-Okorogie
On Tailback Bruce Perry

"Not only is he fast, he's shifty. It takes a whole team to tackle him. He makes that play and they have started off with a seven point lead. After that the defense was anxious to get on the field and get a second chance."

On Bouncing Back
"The key is to just keep fighting. The team that fights the hardest usually has things go their way."

Wake Forest Quarterback James MacPherson
On the Loss

"The way it ended leaves a sick feeling in your stomach. We missed a lot of opportunities but Maryland is a great ball club and they played tough. They deserved it.

On Bouncing Back
"We have to bounce back, we have no other choice. This will motivate and push us that much more. We had a lot of opportunities to score and we ended up hurting ourselves offensively but we will bounce back."

Maryland Head Coach Ralph Friedgen
On Winning the Game

"Anytime you win on the road against an ACC opponent is a good win. I think Wake Forest played a really fine game. It was a tough hard nose football game. It could have gone either way."

"You have to give all credit to Jim and his coaching staff and players. I felt that our guys hung in there. We seemed to have made a lot of mistakes. I think we are a really good football team and are getting better."

On Tailback Bruce Perry
"He played a great game. Anytime you have a tailback rushing like that you have to have good blocking upfront."

Maryland Linebacker E.J. Henderson
On their 3-0 start

"We are as high as it gets. We have to get better but right now we are riding high."

On playing Wake Forest
"We can play mistake free football and come out with a victory. Wake Forest is a decent team. They played hard but we won. We took them for granted and started to let up a little bit in the third quarter."

On the defense
"I think we could have given up less points. We could have took 12 to 13 points off the board."

Maryland Quarterback Shaun Hill
"I felt like we have come farther than we showed on the field. We could have played better. This was not a great example of how we can play."

On the week off
"The layoff might have hurt, but we can't make excuses. We performed as well as we needed too."

On Tailback Bruce Perry
"Bruce Perry is a great back. He is real fast and doesn't need a big hole."

Maryland Tailback Bruce Perry
On Offensive Line

"The offensive line blocked tremendously well. I produced off of them. The offensive line is capable of making those huge holes. They get better and better. They worked hard all week."

On his 275 yard gain
"Coaches and I did not talk about the yards. I never focused on the yards, they will come. I did what I could do to make us win."