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Maryland Athletics
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Head Coach Brenda Frese
Opening statement:
"I liked how we shared the basketball today. I thought we were unselfish, really taking what the defense was giving us. Obviously we are continuing to try and work through our depth and rest some of our starters with the minutes that they are bringing. I think we are still working through that at times in terms of how it is going to look. I thought Blair Watson was terrific tonight and really gave us a tremendous addition defensively and really making a lot of plays we know she is capable of. We just want to continue to work and get better."
On being able to play the whole bench:
"I think as competitive as the starters are, I know they want to play more minutes for us to be as good as we want to be but, I know we have to be able to extend our depth and bring everyone along. Especially as we are going into finals and given the schedule we face, being away for three weeks. We have to continue to be sharp."
On the second half of play:
"Our energy defensively picked up. We are pretty good when we are not turning the ball over because we can score the basketball. We had really good ball security and good shots at the basket. I thought the unselfishness, we were going from good to great."
On Walker-Kimbrough and Jones setting the tone for the team:
"They shoulder the load, they want the responsibility, they consistently show up every single night. We're pretty good when we go through Brionna [Jones]. When we're inside out it opens up everything from the outside. We're continuing to learn that. For us when you have those uncharacteristic nights which are few and far between and hopefully not many this year, we have to continue to extend that depth for us. Players like Blair (Watson) in this system are huge in terms of extending that."
On the teams unselfishness:
"I think they genuinely care about each other and it shows on the court. They're so unselfish. They want to make plays for each other. Even the play at the end when Blair [Watson) to [Kiah Gillespie], you can tell that they have a lot of fun, they have a lot of energy. They want to make plays for one another. That's the sign of a special team when you don't care who gets the credit and you just want to win."
Senior Forward Brionna Jones
On her scoring stretch in the second quarter:
“I think it was just my teammates finding me when I was open as well as us moving the ball and being ready."

Junior Guard Shatori Walker-Kimbrough 

On playing fewer minutes towards the end of the game:
“I think it’s about the bigger picture. We have a lot of newer players on the team so we’re trying to get the chemistry rolling. Just looking at the bigger picture, it’s important to rest early. With the great team that we have and the versatility, there isn’t a drop off at all when we go out. We have people like Blair Watson coming off the bench and Brianna Fraser coming off the bench and taking the responsibility to continue to bring the energy.” 
On the play Destiny Slocum made in the second quarter:
“I think right before that coach had gotten on us about how we came out flat. I think that play right there was the turnaround point. She really hustled after the ball and that was the tuning point for the energy. From that point on we all brought the energy and you felt it from the bench and the crowd.” 
Freshman Guard Blair Watson
On taking over when the starters are out:
“It’s just being ready when your number is called and doing what you need to do for the team. That’s the responsibility that you take."