Tumble Talk: Alex Zimmermann

Maryland Athletics
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Hello Terp Fans!

The gym terps are finally returning home from EAGL with a second place trophy and a concrete qualification into the NCAA regionals. As we try to tame our excitement, the gym terps are off the rest of the weekend to give our bodies a chance to refuel.

Monday the gym terps started off the week on a positive note by holding an NCAA selection show party. It was a really great time! We all gathered at the Comcast Center Media Room, where there was food and drinks provided for us. Our entire support staff also came to share the excitement. Within the next couple minutes we found out we are headed to Penn State for the NCAA regionals!!!

The rest of the week was focused on the final touch-ups. Any addition last minute fine toning we could do, whether it was from pointed feet to more consistent stuck landings that would give our overall team best was improved upon this week. But just to make sure we didn’t loose our competitive spirit, we hosted a closed-door mock meet on Friday.

The gym terps fought hard during the mock meet and we were finally reacquainted with the feeling of competing. We are all so amped to enter this weeks team events before leaving for NCAA regionals this coming Thursday! It’s going to be an exciting time for the gym terps!! We are ready to reveal what we have been holding onto all season at Penn State!

Stay Tuned!

From your favorite sophomore :)

Alex Zimmermann